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Paddle to the Top: The Top SUP Brands of All Time [2024]

Best Inflatable SUP Brands

Best Inflatable SUP Brands

Updated on 6/20/2024
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This buyer's guide provides information on the best stand-up paddle board (SUP) brands and their products, focusing on inflatable SUP manufacturers. The SUP sector is becoming increasingly competitive, and many popular paddle board brands now offer high-quality products for paddle boarders of all levels. Choosing a trusted and reputable paddle brand is essential when looking for a suitable SUP, and this guide highlights some of the top SUP best brands and paddle board top brands on the market. In addition to traditional paddle board manufacturers, many good SUP brands specialize in inflatable paddle boards, making them easy to transport, store, and use. This guide narrows down the many available brands to provide a selection of the best inflatable SUP manufacturers and top paddle brands that offer exceptional quality, durability, and performance.



These days, there are several stand-up paddleboards (SUP) businesses creating high-quality boards at reasonable pricing ranges; we prefer to concentrate on this "sweet spot" in the market. Although there are some great inflatables in the price range of over one thousand dollars, in our view, most paddlers do not need to spend that kind of money to get an inflatable SUP suitable for their requirements in today's market.


With the growing demand for paddle boards, many top manufacturers now offer high-quality products for paddle boarders of all levels. These manufacturers include both traditional paddle board manufacturers as well as inflatable paddle board manufacturers.

When it comes to choosing a paddle board, it's essential to choose a brand that is well-known and trusted. Top SUP board brands include Gili, Thurso, iRocker, and Isle Surf & SUP. These brands are known for their quality, durability, and performance, making them the top paddleboard brands.

In addition to traditional paddle board manufacturers, many top companies specialize in inflatable paddle boards. These companies offer a range of high-quality inflatable paddle boards that are easy to transport, store, and use. A top paddle board manufacturer is perfect whether you're looking for a traditional or inflatable paddle board.


In our SUP brand buyer's guide for 2024, we'll concentrate on our favorite businesses, creating some of the most fantastic inflatable paddle boards for the money. These companies all stand behind their products with unbreakable warranties that last several years and have a track record of delivering exceptional assistance to their clients. In addition, we have had the chance to do in-depth, hands-on evaluations of the inflatable paddle boards each of these firms has manufactured. We can attest to the quality and durability of their products. Let's move on to the many available brands without further ado.

Best SUP Brands


iROCKER SUP, located in Jacksonville, is an inventive new firm that works tough year after year to develop its best-selling variety of inflatable paddle boards. Since the formal start of the business several years ago, they have steadily established itself as one of the top firms in the sector and have increased the number of models they provide to nine.

Why Do We Recommend iROCKER Stand-Up Paddleboards?

The creators of iROCKER are dedicated to paying close attention to their customers' input. Based on this feedback, they make incremental changes to their complete product line at the beginning of each paddling season. iROCKER is responsible for producing some of the most feature-packed inflatable paddle boards on the market. These boards are distinguished by their eye-catching designs, a wide range of color possibilities, and accessory packages that provide excellent value.

What Comes Standard With iROCKER Stand-Up Paddle Boards?



  • Pump with two chambers and three different actions (The Nautical has a single room but has a double movement.)
  • Rolling backpack designed for travel (non-rolling for the Nautical)
  • Carbon fiber SUP paddle (fiberglass for the Nautical)
  • Leash for security with a coil
  • Sticker pack
  • Repair kit

Where Can You Buy An iROCKER Stand-Up Paddle Board?

Over the previous several years, iROCKER has seen significant growth. The company's paddle boards are available in the following areas, each supported by a local sales, service, and warranty repair team.

  • United States Of America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom of England
  • Europe
  • Australia

Warranty On iROCKER SUP Boards.

If your iROCKER paddle board has a flaw in its construction, you have a rock-solid guarantee that lasts two years (or one year for the Nautical model). The manufacturer stands behind every piece of equipment they produce and offers additional peace of mind through a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Read Some Of The iROCKER SUP Models Here!

  • NAUTICAL 10'6″
  • NAUTICAL 11'6″
    • ALL-AROUND 10′
  • ALL-AROUND 11′
  • SPORT 11′
  • BLACKFIN Model X
  • BLACKFIN Model V

iROCKER Coupons & Special Offers.

iROCKER will routinely have special sales events, which will vary seasonally. Check out our SUP sales and discounts page for a side-by-side comparison of the most fantastic offers from iROCKER and all other leading manufacturers.



Our Overall Review
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Another stand-up paddle board brand that is well-known for overdelivering is THURSO SURF. THURSO is a very welcoming business with a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service. Each of the inflatable paddle board bundles they provide includes an exceptional value. THURSO has expanded its popular selection to seven different models since its founding a few seasons ago with the introduction of its first 11-foot all-around SUP.

Why Do We suggest You Buy A Paddle Board From THURSO SURF?

We have always been tremendous fans of THURSO's woodgrain-look designs. The founder's Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) expertise ensures that all THURSO SUPs are optimized for reduced drag and higher paddling efficiency. We have always been enormous admirers of THURSO's woodgrain-look designs. THURSO's boards are sold at reasonable prices while providing exceptional value.

What Comes With THURSO's Boards And Accessories?

  • Carbon fiber hybrid SUP paddle
  • Rolling duffel bag of the highest quality
  • Triple-action pump
  • Ankle tether 
  • 10' Coiled SUP Leash.
  • Repair kit

Where Can You Find THURSO SURF Stand-Up Paddleboards?

THURSO SURF is now able to sell and provide service for its paddle boards and accessories outside of its home country of Canada, Namely In The following Regions

  • United States Of America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom of England
  • Europe

Warranty On THURSO SUP Boards.

A manufacturer's guarantee lasts two years on every one of THURSO's stand-up paddle boards (iSUPs). The organization responds promptly if any problems arise, and they never fail to go the extra mile to guarantee complete client satisfaction.

Check Out THURSO Surf Models!



  • Waterwalker 120
  • Waterwalker 126
  • Waterwalker 132
  • Max Multipurpose
  • Traveling on an Expedition
  • Prodigy Junior

Deals And Savings Available Only On Thursdays

THURSO will, on occasion during the year, hold sales and provide discount opportunities. Don't forget to check them out.



Bluefin SUP, a relatively new paddle board firm headquartered in the United Kingdom, has already earned a name in its market and plans to expand aggressively into the United States and Canada. Bluefin SUP is another business that packs exceptional value into its inflatable stand-up paddleboard packages. You will hear a lot more about this up-and-coming company in the years to come because of the fantastic deal they provide.

Why We Advocate For Bluefin Stand-Up Paddleboards?

Bluefin's extensive paddle board lineup has something for everyone, and its inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs) are packed with many cool features. Their Cruise Carbon versions are particularly noteworthy. They come with a secondary inflation chamber and carbon fiber rail reinforcements, resulting in one of the most stable rides we've ever had on an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (iSUP). Last but not least, this business places a premium on dependability and long-term durability, as seen by the best warranty on the market.

What Comes With Bluefin Boards And Packages?

  • 3-piece adjustable paddle
  • Kayak seat kit (most SUP models)
  • Backpack for vacationing
  • Pump
  • Smartphone holster that is watertight (most SUP models)
  • Repair kit


Where Can You Find Bluefin Stand-Up Paddle Boards?

After gaining a foothold in the UK and Europe, Bluefin SUP is rapidly expanding its operations into new areas worldwide. Bluefin also sells its boards in the following regions.

  • United States Of America
  • United Kingdom of England
  • Europe
  • Australia

Warranty On Bluefin SUP Boards.

A five-year guarantee, presently the best in the business, is included with every paddle board purchased from Bluefin. In addition, Bluefin also provides a money-back guarantee for thirty days. They are the kind of corporation that backs up every piece of equipment they produce.

Read Some Of The Bluefin SUP Models!

  • Cruise Carbon 10'8″
  • Cruise 10'8″

Special Offers & Reductions On Bluefin.

There is almost always some deal or promotion at Bluefin, and you can find the most up-to-date information about their offers on their offers page.



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NIXY Sports is another firm that has significantly improved over the previous few seasons. This company offers a remarkable selection of ultra-lightweight stand-up paddle boards that do not compromise functionality. The incredible stiffness of NIXY Stand Up Paddleboards is due to the cutting-edge fusion technology used in their construction and the high-quality drop-stitch core and reinforced carbon fiber rails.

Why We Suggest, You Get An Inflatable Paddle Board From NIXY?

NIXY is an approachable company run by a family whose only mission is to produce the highest-quality inflatable stand-up paddleboards (iSUPs). The creators of NIXY place a high priority on providing excellent customer service, and they are constantly willing to integrate consumer recommendations and input into the development of their boards. We strongly suggest NIXY's selection of inflatables to anybody searching for an ultra-light inflatable paddle board that is well-made and exceedingly simple to transport.

What Comes With Each Board Purchased From NIXY?

  • Rolling SUP duffel bag with premium features
  • Pump with two chambers and three different actions
  • Adjustable strap for carrying goods on the shoulder
  • Adjustable fiberglass paddle
  • SUP cable with a coil
  • Repair kit


Where Can One Purchase NIXY Stand-Up Paddle Boards?

NIXY Sports is a firm that is primarily focused on the North American market at the moment; however, some of their items are also available in the following locations around the world:

  • The United States of America (direct from NIXY, free shipping)
  • Canada (direct from shipping, shipping fees apply)
  • Australia (available via Amazon)

Warranty On NIXY Boards.

The inflatable paddle boards sold by NIXY come with a two-year guarantee and cover you if a manufacturing flaw occurs.

Check Out Models Of The NIXY SUP.

  • Newport
  • Venice
  • Huntington
  • Manhattan

NIXY Offers & Specials On Discounts

NIXY offers a discount or sale every once in a while. Check their website regularly.



Longboard SUPs, fiberglass SUPs, inflatable SUPs, and other paddle boards have been crafted by Honu Paddle Boards in Australia and have been in business for 20 years. In 2019, under the leadership of a new generation of owners, Honu shifted its business model to concentrate only on producing inflatable paddle boards. The company also redesigned its stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) to use cutting-edge building techniques.

Why We Advocanu Stand-Up Paddleboards?

Honu takes great pride in the simplistic designs of their paddleboards, which allow them to focus on producing lightweight, high-performance boards without getting caught up in the "features arms race," which involves counting the number of action mounts, d-rings, and other add-ons that not all paddlers will want. Paddlers who like a clutter-free and unconstrained board would appreciate this feature.

They also back their stand-up paddleboards with industry-leading coverage, including a two-year guarantee and free accidental damage repair for four years with the warranty.

What Comes Standard With Honu Stand-Up Paddleboards?



  • Rolling Weekender Bag for Traveling
  • Pump with a dual action
  • Leash for security with a coil
  • Repair kit
  • Discount of twenty percent off any paddle of your choosing

Where Can I Purchase A Honu Stand-Up Paddle Board?

Now, You may purchase paddle boards, paddles, and accessories manufactured by Honu.

  • The United States Of America 
  •  Australia.

Warranty On Honu Stand-Up Paddle Board.

All new purchases are eligible for a risk-free return period of thirty days at Honu. Suppose you register your new stand-up paddle board at the time of sale. In that case, you are eligible for the "2+2 years total care" program, which provides you with a two-year manufacturer's warranty against defects concurrent four-year period during which you are not responsible for any accident damage repairs.



GILI Sports continues making significant leaps each season and is producing some of the best-looking inflatables on the market. GILI Sports is another new SUP business extending its inflatables portfolio and developing quickly. Inflatables portfolio increasing over the next several years due to the founder's attention to detail and determination to manufacture the most excellent inflatable paddle boards that are possibly conceivable.

Why do We Suggest, You Get A GILI SUP?

We have seen GILI's remarkable development throughout the previous several seasons, and we anticipate that 2024 will be a watershed moment for the band. In introducing several brand-new models, they will completely rework their existing models to include many enhancements. GILI's paddle boards are exceptionally well-designed, beautiful, and withstand hammering. 



What Comes with GILI's Boards And Membership?

  • Backpack for vacationing
  • 3-piece adjustable SUP paddle
  • Leash for security with a coil
  • Pump with dual action
  • Repair kit

Where Can You Buy GILI Stand-Up Paddle Boards?

You may purchase paddle boards manufactured by GILI in The United States.

Warranty On GILI Stand-Up Paddle Board.

All GILI SUP boards come with a generous assortment of accessories and a guarantee valid for two years and protect you if a manufacturing flaw arises.

Check Out The GILI SUP Models:

  • 10'6″ Air
  • Adventure



A Few Parting Thoughts

At this point in our buyer's guide for the best SUP brands for inflatable paddle boards, we've covered everything. Although many more companies than those we have listed here produce high-quality inflatables, we believe the brands offer the optimal combination of top-notch construction, premium features and accessories, extensive warranty coverage, and affordable pricing. As was previously noted, we have had the chance to spend significant time on the water with boards from each of these businesses. As a result, we are confident in our ability to suggest them to anybody in the market for a new inflatable paddle board.



Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a SUP brand?

Consider the brand's reputation, product quality, durability, price, and the type of water activities you will be participating in.

What are the differences between the top SUP brands?

The differences can range from the materials used, the design and shape of the boards, and the available accessories.

How do I know if a SUP brand is reputable and reliable?

Research the brand's history, read reviews from customers, and ask for recommendations from other paddlers.

Can I test out different SUP brands before I buy one?

Yes, many retailers offer demo days or rental options where you can try out different brands and models.

Are the more expensive SUP brands always better than the cheaper ones?

Not always, it depends on the quality of the materials and construction, as well as the features offered. It's important to do research and find the best fit for your individual needs and budget.