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Get A Fishing License
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Get an Vermont Fishing License

Purchasing a Vermont fishing license contributes to fishery management, habitat conservation, fishing education, and other vital state initiatives. By securing your license and adhering to VT fishing regulations, you're playing a pivotal role in preserving the joy of fishing for future generations.


Vermont Fishing Laws and Regulations

  • Purpose of Laws: These laws are in place to ensure the sustainable use of fish resources and protect various species.

  • Check Current Laws: Before fishing, always consult the latest regulations. These cover species-specific rules, size and bag limits, and fishing seasons.

It's Not a Fee, It's a Contribution

Every fishing license purchased is a step towards conservation:

  • Supporting Conservation: The fees from licenses are channeled into programs focused on fishery management, habitat development, endangered species protection, and conservation education.

Vermont Fishing License Information

Here's how you can get your Vermont fishing license:

  • Online Purchase: The fastest way is through the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website. With an online purchase, you can print your license and begin fishing immediately.

  • Physical Purchase: Alternatively, licenses are available at approved agents, including tackle shops and sporting goods stores.

  • Who Needs a License?: Any angler 15 years of age or older needs a fishing license. Ensure you always have it on you while fishing.

Always stay informed and updated about the regulations, as they can change. This ensures not only the preservation of Vermont's rich aquatic life but also a delightful fishing experience for all.