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SUP Cooler: Best Paddle Board Sup Coolers To Keep It Cold

SUP Cooler

SUP Cooler

Updated on 6/20/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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You can't beat enjoying an ice-cold drink while paddling on a sunny day. It's not easy to keep food and drinks cold on a bluebird day on the water. A SUP cooler comes in handy here. When you paddle around on your boards, a paddle board cooler can be a great way to store your food, drinks, and even the day's catch. Shopping for a SUP cooler is surprisingly tricky because there are many options. Paddleboard coolers that are right for your needs are important to us. Let's begin with our paddle board deck reviews of the best sup cooler available today.

Review Of The Best SUP Coolers And Paddle Board Cooler

Do you need a SUP cooler for your paddleboard? We have gathered four great sup coolers for you to review.

Yeti Tundra 35 Is Best For Ice Retention

Key Specifications

  • Yeti Tundra 35 Dimensions is 16.1″ x 15.75″ x 21.4″
  • It Weighs 20 lbs
  • Yeti Tundra 35 Capacity is 21 cans
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Always Serve Ice Cold Beverages With SUP Cooler And Paddle Board Coolers

In the world of coolers and personal SUP coolers, Yeti is synonymous with quality. A rotomolded construction ensures extreme durability. Yeti Tundra 35 has two inches of insulation for superior ice retention, the company's proprietary FatWallet design. Pressure injection ensures an even distribution of PermaFrost polyurethane foam insulation throughout the more great wall for maximum cold retention in sup coolers.

With Tundra 35, Yeti has integrated a ColdLock freezer-quality gasket around the lid. The Tundra's InterLock lid system, which as sup coolers provide a form-fitting barrier, makes it one of the most effective coolers.

It has non-slip BearFoot feet that prevent it from sliding as you paddle, making it perfect for use on sup coolers. Furthermore, it comes with AnchorPoint Tie-Down slots to easily strap it down as a seat on your SUP or at the front of your boards for deck-top storage. Despite its weight, it also has LipGrip molded handles and DoubleHaul rope handles for easy transportation to and from your car at the end of the day.

There are three types of paddle boards:

  • Surf-specific paddle boards
  1. All around paddle boards
  2. Touring paddle boards

Surface paddle boards tend to be narrow and short compared to the other two major types.

The Bottom Line For A Sup Cooler And Paddle Board Cooler

Paddle Board

Paddle Board

Hard-sided coolers like the Yeti Tundra 35 are award-winning for a good reason. The kayak's ultra-durable design makes it suitable for extended paddling trips. It's pricey, but it's the SUP cooler of choice to keep your food and drinks as cold as possible.

Kids Paddle Boards

A kid could theoretically use an inflatable SUP. The younger children can sit on your board while you paddle if you are comfortable with that. The older children may want to kayak independently if that is the case.

Inflatable Sup Cooler: IceMule Traveler, Deck Cooler Bag, And Bag Paddle Board

Key Specifications

  • IceMule Traveler Dimensions is 22.5″ x 11″ x 13″
  • It Weighs 4.5 lbs
  • IceMule Traveler has a Capacity of 36 cans
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It's Easy Breezy To Set Up Your Cooler Bag

The IceMule Traveler Cooler or Deck cooler bag makes for a great paddle boarding companion with its easy-to-use design. 1000D Muleskin ET fabric ensures long-term durability. With its PakShield waterproof top zipper and 100% welded seams, the Traveler Cooler is fully waterproof. It also floats, a big bonus for paddleboarders and bag paddles board.

IceMule Traveler Coolers have multiple attachment points, one of their best features. With tie-in loops around the cooler's base, this deck cooler bag is perfect for inflatable paddle boards that already have integrated deck bungees. Traveler Coolers do not have shoulder straps, but they come with removable backpack straps for easy transport to and from the car.

Its ice retention level of 48+ hours is also the highest among soft-sided coolers for SUP. IceMule Traveler Coolers also feature IM AirValve technology, which adds air to the foam insulation of the bag or bags and cooler bag or your cart to help retain ice.

The Bottom Line For The Best Cooler For Paddle Board

IceMule Traveler Coolers are the best inflatable SUP cooler you can find for ease of use. The multiple attachment points make it easy to strap it to the deck of your SUP, so you can have added convenience when you're on your SUP.

Seattle Sports Deck Catch Cooler For SUP Fishing & Cooler Deck Bag



Key Specifications

  • Seattle Sports Deck Catch Dimensions is 19″ x 12″ x 5″
  • It Weighs 2.1 lbs
  • Seattle Sports Deck Catch has a Capacity of 18L (fish up to 15″)

Fishing Trip 

Paddleboard coolers or cooler deck bags can keep your day's catch fresh without interfering with your paddling, ideal for fishing and SUPing. With a functional SUP deck bag cooler, Seattle Sports Deck Catch Cooler keeps fish cold until you get home.

Deck Catch Cooler is one of the best fishing coolers on the market and is made of heat-reflective exterior fabrics that save things cool. For added ice retention, it is built with closed-cell foam. Despite its flat shape, this cooler easily fits on most SUPs. Several attachment points and straps make securing it to your

Deck Catch Cooler features a two-layer system for added performance. On the interior side, drybags made from rip-stop nylon are used to safely store your catch while allowing your food and beverages to remain accessible. Between fishing trips, you can wash the interior liner cooler bag of the Deck Catch Cooler.

The bottom Line

Seattle Sports Deck Catch Cooler is one of the best paddle board accessories for keeping your catch cold throughout the day while paddling. With its unmatched functionality and ease of use, you can easily attach Seattle Sports Deck Catch to your board in seconds.

SUP Cooler Seat: Igloo Leeward Marine

Key Specifications

  • Igloo Leeward Marine Dimensions: 27.8″ x 14.6″ x 15.0″
  • It Weighs 20.57 lbs
  • Igloo Leeward Marine has a Capacity of 72 cans

Performance Versatility

You can keep your drinks cold and sit on them simultaneously with a cooler. You can use the Igloo Leeward Marine Cooler to store water on long paddles and hold the day's catch until you get to the car. Igloo Leeward Marine has Ultratherm insulation and is hard plastic. This insulation allows the Marine Cooler to keep ice and drinks cold for four days.

Heavy-duty handles on both sides make it easy to carry, and multiple attachment points allow you to tie it to your board. You can use the cooler as a seat and access its contents while paddling in the water.



A fish ruler, which you can use to measure your catch in seconds, is another handy feature built into this cooler by Igloo. It has a drain plug for easy cleanup from water at the end of the trip, plus multiple built-in bottle openers for added convenience. A rubberized grip and anti-skid plates underneath prevent it from sliding on water.

The Bottom Line

For paddlers side who want a piece of gear that can handle it all, the Igloo Leeward Maine Cooler is a solid choice. Its easy tie-down options and mostly flat lid can also be used as a seat while paddling.

Irocker Backpack Cooler

Irocker Backpack Cooler

Irocker Backpack Cooler

Irocker Backpack Cooler is known for producing boards of the highest quality at affordable prices. Their product range is extensive so the Irocker Backpack Cooler can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. There is no doubt that you can't go wrong when you buy an iRocker paddleboard or paddleboard cooler since they offer top-quality products at a reasonable price. The iRocker brand is one of the most recognized brands regarding inflatable paddleboards.

What You Should Look for in a Stand-Up Paddleboard Cooler

1. The Difference Between a Hard-Sided and a Soft-Sided Cooler

The names help to understand the distinction. A cooler with hard sides is a box, whereas a cooler with soft sides is a bag. Hard-sided coolers are typically made of plastic.

The most crucial distinction is in the material.

Each one of them has both advantages and disadvantages.

A paddle board cooler with a sturdy exterior will likely maintain its ice for an extended time, and some will even keep your drinks chilled for a week. In addition to that, you can put it to use as a seat on your paddleboard.

However, transporting a SUP cooler with a rugged exterior might be challenging. Others can weigh up to 9 kilograms or 18 pounds, and they can be too hefty to carry if you add your SUP and all your other gear to the mix.
Anyone who paddles for extended periods, such as overnight or multi-day SUP adventures, would find this cooler extremely useful.

A soft-sided cooler has foldable sides, is lightweight overall, and is much simpler to transport. However, most soft coolers can only store ice for up to one day and are perfect for short excursions.

2. The Capacity of The Paddle Board Cooler to Retain Ice

Your food and drinks can be kept either cold or warm in whatever SUP cooler you choose. On the other hand, some can keep ice for days, and others can only do so for a few hours at a time.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the ice retention rate. If you need to keep your food fresh for a few days, you should search for a SUP cooler with a higher ice retention level, allowing you to keep your food at a more consistent temperature.

One prime illustration of this is the Tundra 35. It has unusually thick walls insulated with foam to around two inches wide. Paddleboard camping vacations are an excellent opportunity to bring it along.

If you are only going to be gone for the day, a cooler bag should suffice. You need it to maintain the cool temperature of your beverages for a few hours.

If you are searching for a cooler that can keep ice for an extended period, you should be prepared to pay more for it. The vast majority of them are high-priced premium models.

3. Dimensions and Available Space for Storage

A large SUP cooler will take up more room, but it will let you store more items.

A more manageable size will not require as much storage space and will be simpler to transport. However, you are only allowed to carry a small number of drinks.

It all depends on the length of your vacation and the size of your stand-up paddleboard. You are going to need a larger cooler if your journey is going to be longer. If you are an angler, you won't find an extremely compact cooler for sale anywhere.

Take note that just because a cooler appears to be large does not necessarily guarantee that it can accommodate a large quantity of stuff. In addition to that, check the measures on the inside. Some huge coolers feature thick walls, resulting in a much more compact interior.

4. The Method Used to Attach the Stand-Up Paddleboard Cooler to the Board

You won't need to be concerned about this issue when you use cooler deck bags. The vast majority of them can fit beneath the bungee cord storage.

Be sure to select a cooler box for your stand-up paddleboard with strap holders on the sides. Because of this, you'll be able to attach it to the D-rings on your Board. You should also look for a cooler with a bottom that prevents it from sliding around.

5. Composition: Water-Resistant and Waterproof Material

Because they are typically composed of plastic, hard coolers for paddle boards are entirely watertight.

Some bags are waterproof, but others are water-resistant. Even if the load is water-resistant, there is still a chance that it will leak if it is completely submerged. Therefore, you want to acquire a watertight pouch for any valuables you wish to put in it. (Depending on the SUP bag, you may find that it comes with a waterproof insert.)

Why You Should Get A Cooler For Your Kayak

Cooler For Your Kayak

Cooler For Your Kayak

After a long and strenuous paddle, there is nothing that will make you feel less satisfied than cracking open a hot beverage or chowing down on a sandwich that has melted.

If you plan on going on an extended kayaking trip, you will need something that can keep the temperature of your provisions at an icy level for multiple days. Even if you're heading out for the afternoon, there is no way to know whether you'll be in the shade while you paddle. Because of this, having a cooler in your kayak is necessary if you want to keep drinks and snacks cold.

The best kayak coolers may also be used as dry bags, giving you access to additional storage space that is typically difficult to find on kayaks of this size. Dry bags are an essential feature when purchasing a kayak cooler.

How Do You Decide Which Fishing Cooler Is The Best For Your Kayak?

Cooler For Your Kayak

Cooler For Your Kayak

Getting all the necessary fishing equipment into a compact kayak is the most challenging aspect of kayak fishing. Bringing a heavy and bulky cooler would reduce the space for carrying other crucial fishing gear. 

Size and weight are the most crucial factors when looking for the best kayak cooler. The good news is that the most recent iteration of super coolers is designed to maintain the frigid temperature of their contents efficiently. Anglers may utilize a more compact cooler, transport less ice, and keep the quality of their freshly caught fish by using this feature.

There is no solution if you store the fish within the kayak's hull. The sun transforms the kayak's storage space into an oven when it hits it so that it can cook the catch hours before dinnertime.

Additionally, you'll never be able to get all the gunk out of the drain stop if you wash fish slime and blood out of a sit-inside kayak. Moreover, cleaning a sit-inside kayak is difficult. Next time you open your kayak hatch, you will be reminded of your recent expedition's success.

Yeti Sup Cooler

Yeti Sup Cooler

Fish in the cockpit create a mess and put them at risk of overexposure to the sun. A stringer is not significantly improved over dangling the catch over the edge, and the warmth of the water may gradually deteriorate your catch. While pedaling or paddling the kayak while trailing a pile of fish, it is impossible to move very quickly in a straight line.

You can solve this problem using a compact kayak fishing cooler or a fish bag. Either fill the cooler with ice or freeze the fish bag before traveling to improve cold storage. It will help if you are looking for a kayak fish cooler with multiple functions, such as holding poles or providing gear storage, and preserving the temperature of your lunch and your fish.

What Is The Most Effective Paddle Board Coolers For Keeping Ice Longer?



Keeping fish ice cold in bright sunlight, flying spray, and scorching wind present a significant difficulty. A new breed of super coolers can keep ice frozen for days at a time. These coolers are coming to the rescue, and the cold retention capabilities of today's awesome coolers are comparable. The issue lies in discovering a kayak fishing cooler that can withstand years of being used outside and being subjected to misuse.

With a weight of only 12.8 pounds, Yeti Roadie 24 is 10 percent lighter than the first-generation Roadie while storing 20 percent more ice than its predecessor. Lightweight is probably the most crucial characteristic of the Yeti Roadie 24. The Roadie 24 is the ideal partner for the most delicate kayak cooler, whether you're hitting the road or the water, and it's designed to keep your food and drinks cool.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to put a sup cooler on an inflatable paddle board?

A Gili SUP cooler has clips for easy attachment to most inflatable paddle boards. As soon as you receive your bag, Gili includes these clips, so you have everything you need to secure it.

What best ways to secure a SUP cooler to a paddle board?

Some SUPs come with stretchy bungee cords or static tie-down straps on the board's front and/or rear. These are handy for securing dry bags, clothing, and coolers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a SUP Cooler?

SUP coolers are not only good for keeping food and beverages cold but are also useful for various other reasons. You can use it as a seat or keep valuables dry, and standing and sitting make it easier to paddle for a longer time.

Is there a difference between a SUP cooler and a regular cooler?

SUP coolers are designed for paddleboarding. An attachment system will allow you to secure it to a board, so it will come with some form of the attachment system. The bottom is also non-slip to prevent it from sliding. It is rust-resistant with metallic parts, so paddling in saltwater is not an issue. These features are unlikely to be found in a regular cooler.