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Get a Louisiana Fishing License

Experience the thrill of fishing in Louisiana by purchasing your fishing license online today. Explore the Red River in Shreveport for a chance to reel in a largemouth bass or visit Bayou Segnette State Park to catch a spotted seatrout. Make sure to review the LA fishing license age requirements and familiarize yourself with state fishing regulations, including bag limits and slot limits, to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.



After purchasing your fishing license and before going out on your first fishing trip, be sure to read the Louisiana fishing regulations. Fishing regulations for individual waterways or zones are subject to change based on assessments of fish populations. Always check the current set of fishing regulations so that you know the minimum size limits and bag limits, in addition to the laws about LA fishing license age requirements.


If you plan to go offshore fishing in the Gulf waters of Louisiana for snapper or grouper, take time to learn about the special catch and release techniques that should be practiced for deep-water species. While all fish that are to be released require proper handling, deep-water fish can suffer the effects of decompression when being brought to the surface and often require additional catch and release measures. Find out more about how to increase the survival rates of deep-water fish by using a venting tool or descender through helpful tips from the FishSmart program.


Buy a recreational Louisiana fishing license online from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or by telephone. An authorization number is issued at the time of purchase, so you can start fishing right away.

Fishing license fees contribute to conservation programs such as habitat protection and fishery management.

Licenses are available to purchase on June 1 and expire annually on June 30 of the following year.