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Get an Tennessee Fishing License

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and bond with family over a fishing adventure across Tennessee's vast lakes and rivers. Before you hit the state's prime fishing locations, familiarize yourself with the fishing license requirements.


Tennessee Fishing Laws and Regulations

Fishing regulations play a crucial role in conserving and protecting our state's fish populations. As such, it's of utmost importance that anglers consult the most recent regulations before each fishing outing. Regulations are updated regularly, often per season or monthly.

It's Not a Fee; It's a Contribution

Picture a world with unregulated fishing. Lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers, devoid of thriving fish populations. For the countless individuals who find joy in fishing, it's our collective responsibility to familiarize ourselves with Tennessee's fishing regulations to contribute to conservation efforts.

Fishing License Information in Tennessee

General Information:

  • Individuals aged 13 and older must possess a fishing license.
  • Exemptions: Residents below 13 years, military personnel on leave, individuals fishing on private land, and residents born before March 1, 1926 (proof required).
  • All permits remain valid from the date of purchase until the last day of February.

Where to Purchase:

  • Online:
  • Local Agents: Licenses are also available through local agents spread across Tennessee.


  • Basic Annual License: $34 (includes basic fishing and small game hunting).
  • Youth License (13-15 years): $10 annually.
  • County of Residence License: Allows natural bait fishing (except minnows) in the holder's county. No artificial lures allowed.
  • Trout Permit: $22 annually.
  • South Holston Lake Permit: $22 annually.
  • One-day All Species Permit: $6.50.
  • Annual Disabled Residents' License: $10.
  • Permanent License (wheelchair-bound, blind, SSI due to intellectual disability): $10.
  • Disabled Veterans License (30% war service rating or 100% service-connected disability): $10.
  • Combination fish and game licenses are also available.


  • Basic Annual License: $50.
  • Annual License with Trout: $99.
  • Three-day License: $20.50.
  • Three-day License with Trout: $40.50.
  • Ten-day License: $30.50.
  • Ten-day License with Trout: $61.50.
  • Youth Hunting & Fishing Permit (13-15 years): $11.

Special Permits:

  • Gatlinburg:

    • One-day trout permit: $11.50.
    • Additional daily permit for license holders aged 13-64: $3.50.
    • Three-day trout permit: $9.50.
  • Tellico-Citco: Seasonal daily permit needed for Tellico River, Citico Creek, and Green Cove Pond.

  • Agency Lake:

    • Daily permit for 16+ years and residents under 65: $6.
    • Annual permit: $48 (sold at Agency Lake offices).
  • Bedford Lake: Daily permit: $6.50.

Always remember to fish responsibly and ethically, following all the laws and regulations to ensure the sustainability of the sport for future generations.