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Get A Fishing License
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Get an Wisconsin Fishing License

Learn how to get your Wisconsin fishing license!


Wisconsin Fishing License Requirements

  • Oversight Body: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

  • Purpose: The fishing license system is in place to control angling impacts on fish populations, ensuring sustained fishing for the future.

  • Age Requirement: Anyone aged 16 and over, be it a resident or non-resident, needs a fishing license to fish in any Wisconsin waters.

  • Stamp Privileges: Depending on the species:

    • Trout or Salmon:
      • Inland Trout Stamp Privilege for inland waters
      • Great Lakes Trout and Salmon Stamp Privilege for specific lakes and streams
    • Lake Sturgeon:
      • Inland tag for inland waters and Lake Superior
      • Wisconsin/Michigan boundary water tag for Menominee River
  • Always Keep Your License on Hand: Wardens may request to see it while you're fishing.

Fishing License Exemptions

  • Disabled individuals in groups on non-profit organization-conducted fishing excursions, given a DNR waiver.

  • Anglers fishing on Wisconsin's free fishing weekends (two weekends a year).

Types of Fishing Licenses & Fees


  • Annual: $20
  • First-time buyer or after 10-year hiatus: $5
  • 1-day (upgradable to annual): $8
  • Junior (16-17 years old): $7
  • Senior (65+ years): $7
  • Spousal: $31
  • Inland Trout Stamp: $10
  • Great Lakes Salmon/Trout Stamp: $10
  • 2-day Great Lakes: $14
  • 2-day Inland Lake Trout: $14
  • Sturgeon (multiple options): $3-$20
  • Disabled: $7
  • Veteran/Disabled: $3
  • Active service Armed Forces on leave: $0


  • Annual: $50
  • Family annual: $65
  • First-time buyer: $25.75
  • 1-day: $10
  • 4-day: $24
  • 15-day: $28
  • 15-day family: $40
  • Military: $20
  • Inland Trout Stamp: $10
  • Great Lakes Salmon/Trout Stamp: $10
  • Great Lakes Fishing: $14
  • Sturgeon (multiple options): $3-$65

Where to Buy a Fishing License

  • Online: At the official website You can create or log into an existing account. Online renewal is available.

  • License Agent: Purchase in person from many license sales locations throughout Wisconsin.

  • Department of Natural Resources Service Centers: Numerous centers across Wisconsin offer in-person license sales.

Remember, you need a valid driver’s license or Social Security number for online purchases.

Always refer to the official Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website or other official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.