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Get an Virginia Fishing License

If you're drawn to freshwater fishing, targeting species like smallmouth bass, trout, and sunfish, or if the allure of saltwater fishing for sport fish like cobia, flounder, and redfish calls you, obtaining a license is essential. Always consult the regulations for details on seasons, size constraints, and bag limits.


Maryland / Virginia / Chesapeake Bay Angler Survey

  • Conducted By: Maryland Department of Natural Resources at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD.

  • Objective: To track the changes in angler behaviors in Maryland, Virginia, and the Chesapeake Bay area. It aims to find ways to introduce new anglers to the Bay and the outdoors.

  • Duration: 9-12 minutes

  • Contact: [email protected]

Virginia Fishing Laws and Regulations

  • Purpose: Regulations are crucial to protect and conserve fish populations. Regular updates are made, and it's the angler's responsibility to stay informed.

  • Contribution: By following regulations, anglers contribute to the conservation and preservation of fishing resources.

Fishing License Requirements

  • Requirement: Everyone fishing in Virginia must have an electronic or printed copy of the license while fishing.

  • Purchase Options:

    • Online: Go Outdoors Virginia
    • In Person: Circuit Courts, license agents, and DWR headquarters.
    • Phone: (814) 367-1000 during business hours.
    • Mobile App: Go Outdoors Virginia

License Fees

(Note: These prices are approximate, always check the official website or outlet for the most accurate and current prices.)

  • Residents:

    • Freshwater licenses range from $23 (one year) to $86 (four years).
    • Combination freshwater and saltwater license: $39.50
    • Freshwater for 65 and over: $39.50
    • Saltwater-only license: $17.50
    • County or city-only license: $16
  • Short Term Licenses:

    • Five-day passes: Freshwater ($14), Saltwater ($24)
    • Ten-day saltwater-only license: $10
  • Special Licenses:

    • South Holston Reservoir License: $16
    • Veterans with 70% or more disability: $17.50
  • Non-Residents:

    • Freshwater: $16
    • Saltwater: $25
    • Combination: $71
    • Short-term licenses available.

Special Fishing Areas and Requirements

  • Trout Fishing: October 1 through June 15. Resident trout fishing license is $23 (one year) or $555 (lifetime).

  • Tidal Boat License: Allows fishing in both freshwater and saltwater and covers all passengers on board. $126 for residents, $201 for non-residents.

  • Other Permits:

    • Daily Permits: Required for specific areas. Fee: $8
    • State Forest: Additional permits required.
    • National Forest: Permits required, with some age-related exceptions. Fee: $4
    • County Dip Permit: For specific fish types. Fee: $4.50

Remember, this is just a brief breakdown. Always consult official sources or websites for the most up-to-date and detailed information.