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Roc Paddle Board Review 

Paddle Board Review of the Roc Inflatables

Paddle Board Review of the Roc Inflatables

Updated on 7/10/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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The inflatable stand-up paddleboards from Roc have risen to the top among its competitors. Our definitive Roc paddle board review is a result of their immense popularity. A trusted opinion can now determine whether they are worth the hype.

paddle board

paddle board

The popularity of paddleboarding has been steadily growing. Paddleboards have grown in popularity as a result. With so many options, how do you choose?

We recommend the Roc board product based on its specifications, pros, and cons.

Inflatable SUPs (Inflatable Stand Up Paddle)

For a long time, inflatable paddle boards had a bad reputation of being flimsy and a bit useless. Inflatable boards have undergone a lot of research and development since then. Today's inflatable boards perform almost as well as hardboards on the water.

The improvements don't require a substantial investment either! A good quality inflatable paddleboard is affordable.  

Our Overall Review
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If you're still unsure, read our in-depth article on inflatable paddleboards to get more answers to your burning questions.

Information And Specs

In the United States, ROC paddle boards are a family company that provides beginners with everything they need to get into paddleboarding. 

ROC paddle boards weigh just 17.5 pounds when deflated, which makes ROC paddle boards extremely lightweight, and Roc claims the product is up to 20% lighter than competitors. The compact size and lightweight design make Roc's development easy to transport. Carrying and storing ROC paddle boards, Roc provides a backpack and comes with an upgraded bag with padded shoulder and waist straps.

ROC paddle boards have a comfortable carry handle to get in and out of the water. Board dimensions are 10 feet by 32 inches, and the weight capacity is 350 pounds. 

ROC Paddleboards are made from high-quality, military-grade PVC materials that are thermo-sealed and UV resistant. The bag comprises two airtight layers, a double-sided wall, and is reinforced with cross-stitched composites.

ROC paddle boards' body is covered with an anti-slip layer, increasing traction and grip. Bungee tie-downs are located at the front of the board so you can carry personal items, such as a cooler or dry bag.

One year's manufacturer's warranty is included free of charge with ROC paddle boards product.

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What Can You Expect From The Performance Of The Roc Inflatable Paddleboard?

Paddleboards are very stable in the water due to their extra-wide design, and Roc inflatable paddleboards have two side fins and one sizeable removable fin.

Roc board is not intended for speed, one criticism it receives. Beginners who paddle on gentle waters will find this paddle suitable.

The six-inch thickness of the Roc board allows people to feel secure and stable in the air. In the water, Roc board's thickness and the absence of a kick pad make it challenging to turn.

Users report Roc inflatable paddleboard performs as well as more expensive, traditional SUP boards. Roc inflatable paddleboards have previously been owned and used, even in mild chop.

The Roc Board Comes With Suitable Accessories.

Roc board is impressive that this paddleboard comes with so many accessories for its price.

  • Roc paddleboard is an aluminum collapsible paddle
  • detachable fin
  • Leash
  • Hand pump
  • Bag with waterproof seal
  • Hand pump Bag with a watertight seal

The folding aluminum paddle has flip-lock adjustment and can be stored and transported easily. It's not very sturdy, but it's adjustable to use with the whole family, including children.

Paddles made from aluminum might not last as long as boards made of the same material. Carbon fiber paddles are better than aluminum ones if you want to upgrade, and aluminum is less weather resistant and weaker than carbon fiber.

When you unlock the clamp, turn your paddle clockwise if it does not stay in place. When this happens, the connection will tighten. It is important to remember that the paddles will only float for a short time and will not float indefinitely.

Get your paddles back as soon as you let go in the water. If the handles of your paddle fill with water, you can disassemble them and empty the water from them. 

A coil safety leash includes the paddleboard, a removable fin, and a storage backpack. You can only extend it if you fall off the board, so you won't have to worry about it getting in your way when you're paddling. It would be best to have a safety leash to keep yourself connected to your board in the water. 

We will also provide you with a waterproof bag. Using the elastic bungee cords, you can secure them to your paddleboard and use them for things like your phone and keys. You can also attach items to the D ring clip.

These accessories are adequate compared to the accessory packages you get with other brands.

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You should inflate Roc inflatable paddle boards to what PSI?

Each paddleboard comes with a pump. A single chamber hand pump takes 15 minutes to inflate the paddle board, but the new dual-action pump reduces inflation time in half.

An air valve increases inflation pressure. Inflate the paddleboard between 12 and 15 PSI. A paddler's exact weight and height will depend on the temperature that day and their size and weight.

On a warm day, you might need less air on the board. You need to inflate the board if you stand on it and the nose and tail are flat with the water's surface. 

A few PSI of inflation is relatively easy, but it gets significantly more complex as the PSI increases. The Roc is pretty easy to inflate, but some users still think an electric pump plugging into the vehicle's 12V system would help boost it more accessible and less exhausting.

Press the valve stem clockwise. Turn it a quarter turn when you finish the board. You will fix the branch in the open position and force air out.

If the valve is open, fold or roll the board while deflating. You should close the valve when you have finished inflating the board so it will be ready next time.

Pros And Cons


  • Roc paddleboard and its accessories are reasonably priced compared to similar products on the market.
  • Roc paddleboard product has many positive reviews. Roc paddleboard was tested and tried, so you can be sure it's reliable.
  • Roc paddleboards come in a variety of colors with a fun design. 
  • You can easily transport paddleboards as well. 
  • Every paddleboard comes with all the equipment needed. 
  • Roc paddleboard is quick and easy to inflate and deflate, allowing you to spend more time on the water. 


  • Older models of Roc paddleboards come with low-quality accessories. 
  • Paddleboarders who are beginners or casual hobbyists are not recommended to use the Roc ISUP.
  • Roc ISUP paddleboards are challenging to speed up. 
  • Roc paddleboards are only large enough for one person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any other accessories?

In addition to the accessories that come with the paddleboard, there are a few other items you might want to consider. Even if you can swim well, wearing a life jacket makes sense. The life jacket will keep you afloat until you are helped out of the water if you sustain an injury while paddleboarding that affects your ability to swim. It is also possible to purchase the Roc Comfort Cushion Seat, sold separately and attached to the paddleboard.

Which is better: inflatable or hardboards?

Both inflatable and hardboards have their advantages, which come down to personal choice and experience. Hardboards are more expensive than inflatable boards, and Hardboards are also easier to store and transport. For winter storage of your paddleboard, you don't need a rack on your car's roof or space in a garage. Over the past decade, inflatable boards have significantly improved design and technology, so you can now find some excellent quality inflatable boards. Hardboards are easier to speed upon if you are an advanced paddle border or even a professional. Because the hardboards are thinner, it is easier to change direction in the water. Also, the board doesn't need to be inflated before getting on the water.

Is the Roc inflatable paddleboard a good buy?

The Roc inflatable paddleboard has all the information you need. Should you buy it now? As a paddleboard, this is a solid option, but nothing exceptional. Its main characteristic is its versatility. Considering its price, it should be a decent purchase. I wouldn't spend more than $450, however. Boards of better quality can be found for that price and higher. You can have a go at paddleboarding with the Roc paddleboard without spending a lot of money. After a summer or two on this board, you may wish to invest in a different product if the hobby continues.  The board is stable and reliable for kids and beginners on mild waters. Entry-level paddlers and those with basic paddling skills should consider this board.