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Updated on 6/11/2024
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Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv

Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv


The Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is a powerful combo unit designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts. With its bright and sunlight-readable 10" keyed-assist touchscreen display, it provides an excellent user experience even in challenging outdoor conditions.

One of the standout features of the ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv is its built-in support for Garmin's premium sonar capabilities, including the Panoptix LiveScope scanning sonar system. This technology allows you to view detailed and real-time images of fish and structure below your boat, giving you a significant advantage in locating and targeting fish.

Furthermore, the unit comes preloaded with Garmin's exclusive Blue Chart g3 coastal charts and LakeVu g3 inland maps. These charts provide comprehensive coverage of both coastal and inland areas, with integrated Navionics data and Auto Guidance technology for effective trip planning. It's important to note that Auto Guidance is for planning purposes only and should not replace safe navigation operations.

In terms of connectivity, the ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv allows you to share sonar, waypoints, and routes with other compatible Garmin units, such as ECHOMAP Ultra 10" and 12" models, as well as ECHOMAP Plus 7" and 9" units. This ability to transfer data easily between devices enhances collaboration and simplifies the sharing of fishing hotspots and successful routes.

An additional notable feature is the built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software, which enables you to create personalized fishing maps directly on the unit's screen. As you fish, the software generates accurate maps with 1' contours, giving you a clear view of underwater structures and enhancing your fishing experience.

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv also boasts built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to pair it with the free ActiveCaptain app. The app provides a range of useful features, including access to OneChart, which lets you purchase and download new charts directly to your device.

In terms of compatibility and expandability, the unit offers NMEA 2000 connectivity and supports various external devices, such as heading sensors, autopilots, digital switching, FUSION-Link audio systems, and more. This allows you to create a comprehensive marine ecosystem that integrates all your preferred accessories and provides a seamless navigation and fishing experience.

To address commonly asked questions:

A transducer is not included with the ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv. However, Garmin offers bundles that include transducers.

Unfortunately, this unit does not automatically plot trolling paths along depth contours and tell the Garmin Reactor 40 for kicker autopilot to follow.

The ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv does not connect to your trolling motor for iPilot functionality. iPilot is a standalone system and does not integrate with chartplotters. iPilot Link, on the other hand, is designed to work with Humminbird units.

Yes, this unit is capable of reporting engine data, but it requires a connection to NMEA 2000. Once both the unit and the engine are connected properly, you will be able to access and monitor engine data from your ECHOMAP Ultra 106sv.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transducer included

A transducer is not included. We do have bundles with transducers though.

Will this unit automatically plot trolling paths along depth contours, and then tell garmin reactor 40 for kicker autopilot to follow?

No.Mike, Garmin

Will this unit connect to your trolling motor for ipilot?

No, iPilot os a stand-alone system. It does not connect to a chartplotter. iPilot Link is the one that connects to a chartplotter, but it requires a Humminbird unit.

Is this unit capable of reporting engine data?

Yes, if the unit and the engine are connected to nmea2000