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Reel Adventure: The Top Fishing Paddleboards of 2024

Fishing Paddleboards

Fishing Paddleboards

Updated on 7/10/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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    According to, fishing is a popular pastime for 1-in-5 Americans. To improve the fishing experience, anglers leave the shore and opt for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). Inflatable SUPs offer convenience, versatility, and room for fishing gear. When choosing a SUP for fishing, stability, cargo space, fishing rod management, and durability are key factors. This article lists the best paddleboards for fishing, including five designed explicitly for SUP fishing and three general-purpose iSUPs that also work well for fishing.


    At the top of the list is the Blackfin Ultra CX, iRocker's latest tech that has the potential to revolutionize the industry and make it easier to transport and use boards. Next is the Isle Switch, a SUP that provides an excellent board for larger paddlers or those with gear, people, or pets and is incredibly lightweight. The list continues with outstanding inflatable SUPs, ending with the SeaGods Skylla, our top pick for high-performance all-around inflatable SUP, even though it is at the end. Every board on this list is a great performing all-around SUP.


    Bote Rackham Aero 12'4"

    The Bote Rackham Aero 12'4" is the best inflatable paddleboard for fishing. It is built specifically for anglers and has a long history of fishing-specific equipment from Bote. The board is the largest on the list at 12'4" x 38" x 7" and 45 pounds, with an extra air chamber for higher sidewalls and a higher volume nose. The deck has multiple places to tie down a gear, includes an inflatable kayak seat, and is compatible with the Apex Pedal drive. It is a great casting platform and perfect for any serious angler.


    Bote HD Aero

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    The Bote HD Aero is a fishing-focused design in a smaller, more comprehensive package. It's lighter and faster than the Rackham Aero, with mounting points for a paddle sheath on the nose and rack-foot receivers on the back for tackle racks (not included). The HD Aero also has D-rings for a Kula cooler, two spacious cargo areas, and is stable with a broad tail and nose. It offers an excellent option for fishing adventures with the added convenience of being smaller and lighter than the Rackham Aero.


    Gili Sports 11’6” Meno

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    The Gili Sports 11'6" Meno is versatile. It boasts stability with its 35" width and carbon fiber rail reinforcements, adding durability and stiffness. The deck has large cargo areas, removable bungees and handles, and Scotty-type mounts for tackle racks or fishing rod holders. The board has four sets of d-rings for kayak seat attachments and a 25-qt cooler holder. It's a stable and versatile iSUP with ample attachment options for SUP fishing.


    Thurso Max Multipurpose iSUP

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     The Thurso Max Multipurpose iSUP prioritizes paddling performance for fishing. It has a tapered shape for better efficiency, five accessory mounts two velcro holders for paddles/rods. The full-length deck pad allows for secure footing and a comfortable seat for a fishing partner. The deck also features a 27" ruler for measuring catches. Ideal for fishing with a partner.


    Aqua Marina Drift 10'10"

    The Aqua Marina Drift 10'10" features a narrow main area and low-pressure tubes for stability. It has three inflation chambers, a drop-stitch standing area, and two side tubes. It has two articulating fishing rod holders and a 22L cooler with a folding seat and storage, making it a complete fishing SUP package.

    Isle Switch 2-in-1 iSUP/Kayak

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    Things we like:

    • With a width of 35.5 inches, this SUP/kayak is very stable
    • It features a lot of versatile features and plenty of customization options
    • With a weight of just 19 pounds, this hybrid SUP-kayak is the lightest on the market
    • You can use this board as a SUP or a kayak with the all-inclusive accessory kit

    Things we don't like:

    • It would be nice to see ISLE switch to a composite or carbon fiber paddle instead of the aluminum paddle.
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    The Isle Switch 2-in-1 iSUP/Kayak is ultralight, stable, and customizable. It weighs only 19 lbs, with a 35.5" width and broad tail for stability, and can be used as a tandem. It has a full-length deck pad and an Isle Link attachment system for customizing cargo and kayak seat placement but limited accessory mounts. Ideal for anglers who prioritize versatility over miniature accessory horses.




    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a fishing paddleboard?

    A fishing paddleboard is a type of paddleboard specifically designed for fishing. It usually has features such as rod holders, fish finders, and storage for fishing gear.

    What makes a fishing paddleboard different from a regular paddleboard?

    A fishing paddleboard has specific features and designs to accommodate fishing, such as rod holders, fish finders, and storage for fishing gear. It may also be wider, longer, and more stable to support the angler and fishing equipment.

    How stable are fishing paddleboards for fishing?

    Fishing paddleboards are usually wider and more stable than regular paddleboards, making them suitable for fishing activities. However, the stability of a fishing paddleboard also depends on the design and weight distribution.

    What should I look for when choosing a fishing paddleboard?

    When choosing a fishing paddleboard, consider the stability, weight capacity, size, and features such as rod holders, fish finders, and storage. Also, think about the type of fishing you will be doing, whether it be calm lakes or rough ocean waters.

    Can I use a regular paddleboard for fishing?

    Yes, you can use a regular paddleboard for fishing, but it may not have the features and stability specifically designed for fishing. Consider purchasing a fishing paddleboard if you plan on fishing frequently or in rough conditions.

    Are fishing paddleboards suitable for all types of fishing?

    Fishing paddleboards are suitable for a variety of fishing styles, such as calm lake fishing or ocean fishing. However, some fishing paddleboards may be better suited for certain types of fishing, such as calm waters or rough waters, depending on the design and features. It is important to consider the type of fishing you plan on doing when choosing a fishing paddleboard.