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Updated on 5/20/2024
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IceMule Pro Catch Coolers

IceMule Pro Catch Coolers


The Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch Coolers is the world's simplest and most effective fishing catch bag cooler. It is designed specifically for kayak and paddle board fishing, offering the performance of a hard cooler with the flexibility of a soft-sided catch bag. This cooler is capable of keeping ice intact and your catch fresh for up to 24 hours. It also has the added benefit of rolling up for storage in its own stuff sack.

Unlike other soft coolers, the Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch is not sewn together and does not have zippers. This is an important feature, as sewn seams and zippers tend to leak. Instead, this cooler utilizes welded seams and a double-layered shell that houses insulating foam between the layers. This design creates an incredibly well-insulated dry-bag cooler that can carry ice without any leakage.

The Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch features a watertight roll-top closure and side release buckle, making it easily accessible. It also has an exterior shell made of 1000 denier tarpaulin and an interior layer made of heavy-gauge PU coated embossed vinyl. These materials ensure durability and longevity, making it the ideal kayak fishing cooler on the market.

  • The Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch is the simplest and most effective kayak fishing catch bag cooler ever.
  • It is capable of keeping ice intact and your catch fresh for 24+ hours.
  • It comes with a padded carrying strap, multiple tie-down clips, and bungee webbing for gear/paddle.
  • With a length of 32 inches and a top opening of 19 inches, it provides ample storage space.
  • It features a patented insulated dry-bag design.

You can clean out the fish slime by pulling the inside liner of the bag out, without removing it completely, and washing it. IceMule is also working on a removable insert to make the cleaning process even easier.

The Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch does float, and you can tow it behind your kayak. However, based on a customer's experience, water can get stuck between the two layers, making it difficult to remove. It is advised to inflate it before using it in the water. But, according to the same customer, it would be better not to buy this cooler.

Unfortunately, this cooler does not have a removable liner for ease of cleaning.

The length of the cooler is based on when it is unclipped or folded into the closed position. When unfolded, the medium cooler mentioned above has a length of approximately 39 inches. When folded, the interior length is approximately 30 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean out the fish slime? It would be nice to have a tough reusable bag to slip inside the bag to hold the fish.

You can actually pull the inside liner of the bag out, not off... and wash it. But I think IceMule is working on a removable insert

Does this cooler float ? I would like to tow it behinde my kayak

Dear friend, I bought this cooler to use it on my kayak and ended throwing it away... the water get stuck between two layers and you can't take it out... don't waste your money.... but can inflate it and it should advice, don't buy it.

Does it have a removeable liner for ease of cleaning


Is the length of the cooler based on when the cooler is unclipped or folded into the closed position?

If you are referring to the medium mentioned above. The unfolded length is approximately 39". When folded the interior length is approximately 30".