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Updated on 6/20/2024
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BougeRV Kayak Roof Rack - 2 Kayaks, Folding Design

BougeRV Kayak Roof Rack - 2 Kayaks, Folding Design


This is a review for the BougeRV Kayak Roof Rack for 2 Kayaks Folding Kayak Rack.

The BougeRV kayak rack is preassembled out of the box and requires no tools for installation. You can easily load and unload this kayak rack within 10 minutes with ease. You won't have to worry about installing it by yourself.

This kayak rack has high versatility with its adjustable sliding design. The supporting base can resize the dual J-cradle to accommodate two different sizes or shapes of kayaks at the same time. It's perfect for transporting your family's summer gear.

The folding mechanism of this kayak rack is a convenient feature. The middle upright rail can fold flat when not in use, reducing wind resistance and keeping a low profile. It's also adjustable, allowing you to easily adjust the angle of the middle rail by pressing the release button on the side. This feature saves you from worrying about hitting the door when getting in or out of the garage.

The universal mounting system of this kayak rack is compatible with most vehicle roof racks, including aero bar, oval bar, square bar, round bar, or other factory cross bars. The mounting hardware provides a strong hold on the cross bars. Please note that cross bars are required to install the kayak rack.

BougeRV is dedicated to providing premium products for you, and they offer a 12-month warranty for this product. If you have any problems during use, feel free to contact them.

Now, let's answer some frequently asked questions:

When you fold the upright bar down, it is supposed to lay flat. Yes.

This kayak rack will work with a1317-00402 BougeRV crossbars. It is confirmed to fit, so you can go ahead with your purchase.

The total weight capacity of this kayak rack when loading two kayaks is 150 lbs/68kg. You can rely on its strength and stability.

The sliding base of this rack is made of aluminum alloy and is covered by TPE material, which feels like hard rubber. The middle rail is made of steel with high-intensity foam padding. When unfolded, the length of the rack is 31.4'' (80cm), the height is 19.7'' (50cm), and the width of the rubber support is 4'' (10cm).

Overall, the BougeRV Kayak Roof Rack for 2 Kayaks Folding Kayak Rack is a reliable and versatile rack that offers easy installation and convenient features. It is a great option for safely transporting your kayaks.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you fold the upright bar down, is it supposed to lay flat?


Will this work with a1317-00402 bougerv croosbars?

Thank you for checking with us.Yes it will fit.Kind regards,BougeRV

What is the total weight capacity of this rack when loading two kayaks?

Thank you for checking with us.The total weight capacity of this kayak rack is 150 lbs/68kg.Kind regards,BougeRV

What material is this rack made out of? What are the dimensions?

Hello,Thank you for checking out with BougeRV.The sliding base is aluminum alloy, covered by TPE material (feels like hard rubber). And the middle rail is steel with a high-intensity foam padding.When it's unfolding, the length of the rack is 31.4'' (80cm). The height of the rack is 19.7''(50cm). The width of the rubber support is 4''(10cm).Kind regards,BougeRV