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The Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives; In Order

Let's Take A look At The Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives.

Let's Take A look At The Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives.

Updated on 7/10/2024
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Over the past ten years, Oru folding kayaks have become extremely popular worldwide. Even though they produce some of the most high-quality kayak alternatives, we will devote some of our attention today to looking into other manufacturers' offerings comparable to Oru.

Suppose you are somewhat inexperienced in the world of folding kayaks. In that case, we strongly suggest you look at our comprehensive evaluation of the Oru kayak brand and the many different folding kayak models they produce. Let's divert our attention away from Oru for the time being and take a look at some of the other top kayak companies that are now giving them a fight for their money.

This review will include some brands that also manufacture folding kayaks and some that focus on manufacturing inflatable kayaks because folding kayaks are all about portability. In addition, this review is going to include some brands that also focus on manufacturing inflatable kayaks. Because of this, we will also spend some time addressing the distinctions between folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks and the benefits and drawbacks of folding kayaks in and of themselves. So, let's start paddling through this issue, shall we?

Best Oru Kayak Alternatives

    Tucktec Folding KayaksPakayak Folding KayaksTrak KayaksMyCanoeOrigami Paddler Folding KayakAdvanced Elements Inflatable KayaksAquaglide Inflatable KayaksBOTE Board Inflatable KayaksIntex Inflatable KayaksSevylor Inflatable Kayaks

Folding Kayaks Have Both Advantages And Disadvantages.

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

To begin, you first need to consider whether a folding kayak is the best option for your requirements regarding paddling. The following is a concise rundown of some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with this style of kayak:

Advantages Of Kayaks That Can Be Folded

Having a low weight (usually less than 50 pounds)
Simple to carry around (typically come with a carry bag or some strap for over-the-shoulder carrying)
Conveniently small for storing (great for apartment dwellers)
It is simple to transport (fits in the trunk of smaller SUVs and sedans)
There is no requirement for a kayak roof rack.

Negative Aspects Of Folding Kayaks

It takes significantly longer to set up than a standard touring kayak.
Shorter lifespan than most plastic kayaks (even the best models don't last as long as plastic kayaks).
Compared to other kayak hulls, it is more likely to sustain punctures.
Do not function as well when the weather is bad or when there is a lot of wind.

Folding Kayaks Versus Inflatable Kayaks

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Several advantages are shared between folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks, such as the fact that inflatable kayaks are lighter, more portable, and simpler to store in tighter quarters. Despite this, there are several significant ways in which the two different kayak designs differ.

To begin, to put up an inflatable kayak, you will need either your hands or your feet to operate a pump, whereas folding kayaks only need to be unfolded and strapped into position. Because of this, the amount of time required to put up an inflatable kayak may be longer than the time necessary to set up a folding kayak.

In addition, they have a little bit more buoyancy than most folding kayaks, which can help provide more stability while paddling in harsh seas. In addition, inflatable kayaks often have many air chambers integrated into their design so that even if one of the chambers is compromised, the paddler may still maintain sufficient float to return to shore and make repairs.

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Are You Concerned About What To Bring On Your Kayak Trip?

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Lastly, keeping the interior of an inflatable kayak or a folding kayak clean over time can be a challenge with any kayak. It is a good idea to carry along a few rags that have been thoroughly cleaned, and after each use of one of these items, you should clean them before putting them away.

When you return to your house, you should also consider deflating an inflatable kayak or unfolding a folding kayak and storing it in your garage. This will provide additional airflow, which is necessary to ensure that your kayak dries off fully and prevents mold growth and mildew on the inside, which the continual presence of water would otherwise cause.

A Concise Buying Guide For Folding Kayaks And Canoes

Traditional recreational kayaks call for a distinct set of considerations compared to portable kayaks, regardless of whether you choose an inflatable kayak or a folding kayak from the list of alternatives below. Now that we have that out of the way let's talk about the most crucial factors to consider while shopping for a portable kayak.

Potential Load Bearing

We suggest that you begin your search by thinking about the weight capacity of the kayaks you're interested in. This is because portable kayaks are more likely to be damaged when they are overloaded compared to other forms of rigid kayaks. When loading any kayak, you should be aware of the 80 percent rule, which states that you should strive not to exceed 80 percent of the kayak's declared maximum weight capacity. However, in addition to this rule, there are additional factors to take into account.

When determining how much weight your kayak should be able to support securely, the first thing you should think about is whether you will be paddling your kayak on your alone or with a partner most of the time. In order to maintain their buoyancy when loaded with more oversized loads, tandem kayaks nearly invariably have higher weight capabilities.

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Even if you plan to do the majority of your paddling on your own, you may be able to find a tandem kayak that has a weight capacity that is adequate for your needs if you are a heavier paddler. In many cases, it is possible to convert a tandem kayak into a kayak that can only accommodate a single paddler by moving one of the seats to the middle of the boat and then removing the other seat.

Therefore, if you are having trouble locating a portable solo kayak with the weight capacity that you want, broaden your search to include some tandem models. Just make sure that you take into consideration an additional fifty to one hundred pounds to account for the weight of all of your necessary kayaking gear and accessories.

Packed Size

Think about how much smaller a portable kayak will become when it has been deflated or folded up. This can help you determine whether or not the kayak you purchase will fit in the trunk of your car or wherever you intend to store it within your house or garage.

Are You Concerned About What To Bring On Your Kayak Trip?

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Look for a model that already comes with its own carry bag since this is an attractive additional feature. When you are not making use of your kayak, this will provide you with a location to store it together with its accessories in a manner that will prevent it from getting in the way of any of your other recreational activities.


When shopping for a folding kayak, please pay particular attention to the maximum number of times it can be folded. This will give you a good idea of how long you can anticipate the kayak to survive and will provide you with a lot of information about the kayak's level of durability.

Take, for instance, the case where you are considering purchasing a kayak that can be folded up to 5,000 times. If you kayaked every day (which is extremely unlikely), your kayak would survive approximately 14 years (5000/365 = 13.7) at that point, provided that you did not do any harm to it by being careless or by misusing it. When it comes to inflatable kayaks, the durability can be evaluated by looking at characteristics such as the thickness of the material and the number of air chambers included in the design. A kayak constructed with material that is thicker will be more resistant to tears and punctures, and having a more significant number of air chambers helps your kayak retain more buoyancy in the event that one or more of the chambers is accidently compromised.

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives

Top Ten Oru Kayak Alternatives


The next aspect to think about is the accessories that come included with a portable kayak model. A number of these types are sold as part of a bundle that also includes extras like a paddle that can be folded up, a more compact travel case, and a pump (for inflatable varieties).

When comparing two models with comparable price tags, the distinguishing element can be the extras that come with each one. You will save both time and money by purchasing a portable kayak that is included in a more comprehensive package. This will allow you to spend less time and effort gathering the other items of equipment that you need to get out on the lake.

Best Oru Kayak Alternatives

1. Tucktec Folding Kayaks

Tucktec Folding Kayaks

Tucktec Folding Kayaks

Tucktec is an industry leader in producing a single type of folding kayak built from a sheet of plastic with a thickness of only one-eighth of an inch. In spite of the fact that it is made of relatively thin material, once it is built, it is intended to operate in the same manner as a kayak with a hard shell.

The following is an outline of the primary characteristics of the Tucktec folding kayak:

  • Length: 9'8"
  •  Width: 31 inches
  • 28 kilograms or 60 pounds
  • The maximum allowable load is 300 pounds.

The fact that the material may be rolled up into itself as part of the disassembly is an intriguing aspect of this design. This results in less overall strain being placed on the cloth and removes the harsh creases that are caused by more clearly defined fold lines. However, Tucktec brags that its kayaks are rated for thousands of folds, which indicates that they should endure for years provided that they are utilized in the appropriate manner. When rolled up, the kayak has a packed size that is around 47 inches in length and 15 inches wide, which makes it manageable to transport in the majority of passenger vehicles.

2. Pakayak Folding Kayaks

 Pakayak Folding Kayaks

Pakayak Folding Kayaks

Are You Concerned About What to Bring on Your Kayak Trip?

Pakayak is an intriguing alternative to Oru kayaks due to the fact that their kayak models do not indeed fold up but rather come entirely apart from one another. After being separated from one another, the components may be nested inside of one another and then placed inside of a more compact casing for much simpler transit and storage. The Bluefin 142 is the primary model that they provide, and it just takes five minutes to put together. We would consider it an alternative to the Oru kayak. Additionally, it can be broken down into six portions and packed down to a length that is just 42 inches long when it is complete.

When it is completely put together, the Bluefin 142 has the following primary characteristics:

  • Size: Length: 14 feet, 2 inches
  •  Width: 24 inches
  • There are 59 pounds in all.
  • The maximum allowable load is 300 pounds.

This particular kayak has been designed with watertight clamps and gaskets incorporated into each individual segment to prevent any water from entering the main body of the kayak. After being put together, it performs its duties in a manner that is comparable to that of the very best sea kayaks.

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On the other hand, it has a glaring benefit in terms of the amount of storage space that is necessary when it is not being used. The Pakayak can be folded up into a bag that rolls on wheels and zips closed, making it much easier to travel than a traditional sea kayak, which must be transported on a roof rack designed for simple loading and must have room beneath the deck for storage.


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3. Trak Kayaks

Trak Kayaks

Trak Kayaks

Trak Kayaks are another fantastic option for Oru kayaks, and they provide a wide variety of models from which customers may select. Their new 2.0 kayak is now being manufactured, and customers may choose from three different editions: the Signature, Fuchsia, or Origin model.

Each of their Kayak models can be broken down into parts in ten minutes, making it simple to move them from one location to another. The three different models each come with a different color scheme, but they all assemble into the same 16-foot kayak when complete.

The following is an exhaustive list of the primary technical specifications that are associated with Trak Kayaks:

  • 16 feet in length
  • The width measures 22.5 inches
  • The scale reads 44 pounds.
  • The maximum allowable load is 350 pounds.
  • The dimensions of a Trak Kayak while it is in its dismantled state are 41 inches by 19 inches by 9 inches, and its pack weight is around 53 pounds.

That item is of a size and shape that enables it to be transported in the hold of an airplane or the trunk of a car. Trak's kayaks come included with several additional attachments in addition to the fact that they are one of the best touring kayaks that can fold up and be stored away. This contains the rolling travel bag, a spray skirt, sea sock, two flotation bags, and MX5 kayak oil, all in one convenient package.

4. MyCanoe



If you feel more at ease rowing with a canoe oar rather than a kayak paddle, then you will like the variety of products that MyCanoe offers. Check out this post to see if it answers your question of whether or not you can use a kayak paddle to steer a canoe, but let's go back to the main point now, shall we?

MyCanoe produces two types of foldable canoes: a single-person canoe and a tandem canoe. These canoes are rated for up to 20,000 folds and are manufactured using a specialized polypropylene material that has been treated with a UV coating that is guaranteed to last for 15 years.

The following is an outline of the fundamental characteristics shared by both of their canoe models:

Solo Canoe

  • 10 feet in length
  • Thirty-two inches is the width.
  • 28 kilograms or 60 pounds
  • The maximum allowable load is 330 pounds.

Duo Canoe

  • 14 feet 6 inches in length and 35 inches wide.
  • 43 kilograms or 90 pounds
  • The maximum allowable load is 480 pounds.

Each model can be folded and packed away into a small space-saving container, making it simple to travel or store when not in use. The folded dimensions of the Solo canoe are 45 inches by 21 inches by 12 inches, while the folded dimensions of the duo canoe are 36 inches by 27 inches by 10 inches. The MyCanoe models are also created with open water paddling, and the Duo Canoe can handle white water up to class III. In addition, they come with an enhanced gunwale system that is designed to be compatible with the majority of off-the-shelf equipment you might wish to install in your canoe.

5. Origami Paddler Folding Kayak

Origami Paddler

Origami Paddler

The Origami Paddler is an intriguing entrant to the world of kayaks that fold up and are portable. The design of their kayak is similar to a cross between a sit-on-top kayak and a stand-up paddleboard; however, it has the advantage of being able to fold up for convenient storage and transportation.

Each kayak is equipped with a paddle, a seat that can be adjusted, a backrest, and a shoulder strap for convenient transport. It takes only one minute to unfold the Origami Paddler kayak and have it ready to use, making it one of the most time-efficient folding kayaks set up available on the market today. Other folding kayak designs have more sophisticated techniques.

The body is identical to that of the majority of rigid kayaks, and the fact that it is constructed out of recycled plastic parts makes it more eco-friendly than other models. Additionally, it is quite resistant to tearing, punctures, and scratches.

The Origami Paddler is a folding kayak, and the following are its primary characteristics:

  • 9 feet in length
  • 31.5 inches is the width.
  • 45 kilograms (100 pounds)
  • The maximum allowable load is 230 pounds.
    When collapsed, the Origami Paddler kayak has the dimensions of 35.5" x 31.5" x 13.5". 
    The process of putting it together isn't complicated either; all you have to do is unfold the components and snap them into position before you can move on.
Product tested by Board and Kayak
Our Overall Review

Things we like:

  • Origami Paddler Folding Stand Up Paddleboard, Lime Green
  • Stand-up paddleboard with locking hinges folds up for easy home and car storage, carrying, transport and travel
  • Paddle board easily un-locks to fold out to extended position for set-up and use; includes SUP leash and 3-pc aluminum paddle that nests in the board
  • Rotational molding construction makes this board sturdy, ding and dent resistant
  • Fully extended SUP measures 11 foot 3-Inch L by 32-Inch W by 5.25-Inch H; folds for easy storage to 46-Inch L by 32-Inch W by 10-Inches H
  • Recommended weight limit of 220 pounds, or 100 kilograms

Things we don't like:

  • The folding mechanism may not be durable and could break easily
  • The paddle and leash included may not be of high quality
  • The rotational molding construction may make the board heavier than other paddleboards
  • The weight limit of 220 pounds may limit its usability for some users
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6. Inflatable Kayaks Manufactured By Advanced Elements

6. Inflatable Kayaks Manufactured By Advanced Elements

6. Inflatable Kayaks Manufactured By Advanced Elements

The assortment of inflatable kayaks available from Advanced Elements is diverse and intended to accommodate a variety of paddling activities. There are kayaks in their lineup that are tailored to various uses, such as day touring, adventure paddling, kayak fishing, crossover kayaking, white water paddling, and leisure kayaking, among others.

All their inflatable kayaks are long-lasting and can be deflated and stored in relatively little space. In addition, they provide some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks available on the market. They are one of the few makers of inflatable kayaks that creates designs compatible with spray skirts.

We are hopeful that you have already taken note of the distinctions between inflatable and folding kayaks; however, if you are looking for an alternative to Oru Kayak, we can say with absolute certainty that the majority of the products offered by Advanced Elements are significantly more reasonably priced than those of their rivals.

Product tested by Board and Kayak
Our Overall Review

Things we like:

  • Comfort is ensured by both the inflatable seat and the foam floor.
  • Tracking is improved by the use of the fin as well as the entire bow and stern panels.
  • Construction with six separate chambers
  • A duffel bag is supplied to make transportation more convenient.

Things we don't like:

  • When it comes to tracking wise, it is only ideal for use on calm seas.
  • Winds have the potential to impact how stable it is.
  • confined space in the cockpit with few onboard storage choices
  • It's going to cost you quite a bit.
  • It does not include a paddle in the package.
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7. Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks

Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks

Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks

A different firm that focuses primarily on producing inflatable kayaks is called Aquaglide. They also manufacture various other inflatable Kayak, pool toys, and water park attractions; nevertheless, this is beside the point.

White water paddling is the primary purpose for which their inflatable kayaks, which may be used in place of Oru kayaks, were designed. If you are searching for one of the finest inflatable white water kayaks, this is especially true for the McKenzie and Deschutes models; however, you should also consider the Chelan and Chinook designs carefully if you are in the market for a white water kayak. In addition to those models, the Navarro designs they provide are some of the most critical choices available for a sit-in kayak that is constructed on an inflatable basis. If you want to do any kayaking in cold weather, you may even make them work with the appropriate spray skirt by selecting the proper one.

8. BOTE Board Inflatable Kayaks

BOTE Board

BOTE Board

BOTE Board may be more recognized for their inflatable paddleboards, but in the last few years, they've also come up with some attractive new designs for folding kayaks.

In their Aero line of inflatable kayaks, they now offer 15 distinct models available for purchase. This comprises designs with a maximum length of 12 feet and 6 inches and a minimum length of 10 feet.

Their products are versatile and may be used for various activities, such as solo paddling, tandem paddling, kayak hunting, and fishing from a kayak. Their designs also offer among the deepest and most well-protected cockpits that you'll find on the market today for inflatable kayaks, making them some of the best options available.

Product tested by Board and Kayak

Things we like:

  • 🔸EXTRA WIDE PADDLE: Our paddle board is 10’6” long, 32” wide and 6” thick, thus supporting the bearing capacity over 330 lbs. The extra wide SUP design allows you to easily stand, balance, control and paddle. With 1 large center removable fin, 2 side fixed fins and the shape of paddle board movement, all these features help you keep a good record of track and speed. It perfectly keeps the balance between speed and stability.
  • 🔸DURABLE IN USE: This lightweight and portable paddle board is formed by amry grade PVC material, which turns out to be tough, sturdy, solid and durable. Therefore, it is not easy to get punctured. More vitally, the anti-slip EVA deck pad significantly enhances the stability and safety when you are standing on the paddle board. The foam is soft and comfortable. You can stand up, lie down or kneel down on the board to paddle for quite a long time.
  • 🔸EASY TO INFLATE & TRANSPORT: The hand pump can inflate and deflate quickly so as to save time and energy when you take the paddle board to the beach. You can either roll it up and put in the knapsack or you can choose to pile up and tie it on the top of the touring car. The package measures 35.4*14.2*10.23 inches and weighs 29 pounds. You can check it with your regular luggage. Then it can be transported to destination by train or air.
  • 🔸ANTI-SKID FEATURE: The inflatable paddle board is made up of amry grade material, so it shows several striking characteristics like reinforcement, lightweight, solidity and durability. The EVA deck pad is of softness and skid resistance. The stability and safety enable you to paddle for a long-term period. It is an ideal choice for adults and teenagers.
  • 🔸COMPLETE SET: The package includes everything you need for paddling: a stand-up paddle board; a collapsible and adjustable floating paddle, which is aluminum material and never sinks into the water; an inflatable hand pump with PSI gauge; a removable fin for better balance, 10ft ankle-coiled leash, a repair kit and a large carrying backpack.

Things we don't like:

  • The package measures 35.4*14.2*10.23 inches and weighs 29 pounds, which may be difficult to transport for some users.
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9. Intex Inflatable Kayaks

Suppose you are relatively new to kayaking and are looking for an excellent place to start. In that case, the inflatable kayaks offered by Intex Corporation is a perfect choice. If you're not sure whether or not you'll enjoy kayaking, investing in an inflatable kayak is a smart way to test the water before committing a significant amount of money to the necessary gear.

Explorer K2 Kayak
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Their Professional Series boats come in various styles, some of which are optimized for tandem paddlers, while others are more suited for kayak fishing or even recreational rafting. They are beautiful alternatives to Oru kayaks due to the fact that their price tags are sometimes less than a fifth of what you would need to pay in order to get a brand new Oru kayak.

10. Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks

The Sevylor kayak is yet another alternative to the Oru kayak that is a fantastic option for novice paddlers and people who only go kayaking a few times a year. They are the only company that sells inflatable kayaks, but their selection includes a number of different types that are suited for a variety of activities.

Product tested by Board and Kayak
Our Overall Review

Things we like:

  • A Quick setup
  • It can be carried around with ease, and it weighs less than 20 pounds.
  • The bottom, which is made of 21-gauge PVC tarpaulin, is resistant to punctures.
  • The backrest makes your riding incredibly pleasant.

Things we don't like:

  • The accompanying paddle is not very long-lasting.
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Inflatable kayaks for one person, two people, or even three people are available, in addition to kayaks designed for solo paddling or kayak fishing. They also provide a helpful tool that allows you to compare the several kayak models they sell to select the one most suited to your individual requirements for paddling.


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Our Favorite – Tucktec Folding Kayaks

Tucktec is our top selection for the most acceptable alternative to the Oru kayak because it is one of our list's most cost-effective options and has a durable design. You and your paddling companion can also take advantage of a package deal that includes the purchase of two Tucktec kayaks for you to share.

However, the price of the Tucktec is not the only factor that contributed to our decision to support it. Tucktec is one of the few manufacturers selling folding kayaks with a retractable fin in the stern, a feature not seen on many other brands.

If you frequently paddle in ocean waterways with solid currents or intend to paddle when there is a lot of wind, this fin will significantly assist you. If you are a larger paddler, this helps to provide the kayak with more excellent stability, which is very helpful.

Last, Tucktec delivers an adjustable high-back seat with exceptional lumbar support that can be pushed forward or backward in the cockpit to accommodate the user's preference. This makes it possible for paddlers with longer legs to use this oru kayak alternative since the seat can be moved farther back, providing a more pleasant ride for the paddler.