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Best Paddle Board Under 100 - 3 Incredible And Affordable Traditional SUPs

3 Incredible And Affordable Traditional SUPs

3 Incredible And Affordable Traditional SUPs

Updated on 7/10/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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As a beginner to paddle board ing, you probably want to get into it as cheaply as possible. If it turns out to be a fad or you don't like it, you won't have spent a lot of money on something you won't use.

What are the best places to get cheap stand-up paddle board s? and what is the best paddle board under 100? Outdoor gear stores are plentiful, but they're not always the most affordable. Sometimes, ordering a board online through Amazon is the best choice. You can often find pretty sweet deals on top quality boards thanks to Prime Shipping, special sales days like Prime Day, and fierce competition among manufacturers.

Are you just looking for a quick read? You can skip straight to the good stuff below or read on for the full review.

What Is The Price Of Cheap?

It is essential to understand up front that I will only review traditional style, rigid paddle board s in this article.

Although you can find paddle board s for a lower price than those reviewed here, all of them are inflatable. According to my definition, an inexpensive paddle board is one under $600. The boards I review in this article are all traditional, rigid-style paddle boards, and SUPs under $700 are rarely available for sale in specialty shops that sell paddle boards.

I'm here to help you. My search for the best paddle board s under $700 led me to three high-quality, affordable boards. Here's a comparison of cheap SUPs, and I'll give you a bottom-line analysis to make an informed decision.

What's The Best Cheap SUP For Me?

Cheap Stand Up Paddleboard: Lifetime Horizon 100

The Lifetime Horizon 100 Stand-Up Paddleboard is our first contender. Its main features include solid reviews, a paddle, bungee nets on the deck, and an easy carrying handle. Nevertheless, the price's best feature is that you can save at least a couple hundred dollars over the other cheap paddleboards in this article. You'll save over 50% over what you'd pay for most other traditional rigid paddleboards at a specialty store.

Its dimensions aren't small as it measures 10 feet in length and 34 inches in width. Beginners to intermediate paddlers can use it. Despite its size, it isn't cumbersome to store or transport, and its width provides an excellent stable platform for paddling. Almost as heavy as a kayak, this board comes in at 44 pounds.

Considering Lifetime makes kayaks, folding tables, storage containers, and other household items with affordable plastic, this makes sense. This paddleboard contains high-density polyethylene, just like the hull of a kayak. Although heavy, you can be sure of a quality product that will last a lifetime. You cannot beat this price point if you're looking for a cheap, high-quality paddleboard, regardless of weight.

Driftsun Soft Top Rigid SUP: The Ultimate All-Rounder

Next up is the Driftsun Soft Top SUP, which measures 11 feet long. This one also comes with various features: a paddle, a center fin, and an ankle leash. You can enjoy your board for years with the ABS rigid bottom that protects against wear and tear from underwater obstacles. No prickly deck pads on this board will dig into your tootsies because of its textured soft top.

You can practice your yoga poses with ease on this board since the entire top deck is textured.

You can use it for all activities (yoga, paddle board ing, or fishing) and on all types of waters (flat, light surf, rivers). Even though it has many uses, I think its best service is as a paddle board for exercise and fun. Featuring a length of 11 feet and a narrow width of 31 inches, you can glide easily on your favorite body of water.

SUP yoga may be more challenging on this 31-inch board than on a broader, more stable 33- or 34-inch board. While the manufacturer states that it handles well in the surf, there isn't much rocker on the nose, which makes me doubt how well it would perform in some light chop. However, it's OK to have a board that does everything at this price point.

It's just what you wanted without breaking the bank.

Are You Down with CBC? Maybe!

Our Overall Review
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California Board Company (CBC) stands out as our last contender.

A person's first impression of this board will be its price. Compared to the Driftsun board, it is more affordable than the Lifetime SUP at the beginning of the article. Are you getting what you pay for, or is it a case of buyer beware? The answer is maybe. The differences between this board and its predecessors appear below.

What's Good And What's Questionable

CBC paddle board s also come in a package with an adjustable paddle, a neoprene ankle strap, a leash, and instant padded roof racks, which you don't find on other boards. Although the roof racks might be a great selling point to some, you should be aware that a couple of users didn't see them as very sturdy and cautioned against using them at high speeds or for long distances.

With a foam core, the CBC board is the lightest out of the three, weighing only 21 pounds. However, unlike the other boards, this board did not receive high marks for its durability. If you take him for a paddle, Cujo may scratch your panel, and be careful not to let him do that. Additionally, it is more prone to dents, so users need to be gentle when handling it.

Despite its foam construction, some users were concerned about the board's surface feeling slippery. You're at the mercy of the materials since there's no deck pad. However, if this proves to be an issue for you, there is an easy solution: buy some board wax to use on your surfboard, making the board coarser for a better grip. Last but not least, user experiences vary.

Most paddlers well received the board, but a surprising number complained about its instability and happiness. As a board marketed towards beginners, this is a significant drawback. They are still offering a rigid stand-up paddle board for under $500, an attractive price for many buyers.

Does the CBC deliver what it promises? Definitely. You'll have to consider some tradeoffs with this board before buying seriously.

A Final Breakdown

Despite the great value all of these boards offer at a great price, each has some drawbacks. The Lifetime Horizon SUP is by far the cheapest paddleboard. Even though the Driftsun Soft Top HSUP receives high marks for quality and performance, it is also the heaviest of the boards. Despite that, it still qualifies for our 'affordable' rating. Out of the three SUPs, this is the closest to a traditional one.

For those looking for an affordable alternative to the other wildly expensive rigid boards, the Driftsun 'All-Around' board will provide maximum enjoyment for the lowest price. The CBC board falls right in the middle regarding price and affordability, and price alone might make this a good buy. In this case, however, the quality and performance may suffer too much for such a low price.

You will have to decide how much price drives your purchasing decision. You may want to start looking at one of these three if you're looking for a cheap SUP.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a paddleboard cost?

Generally, a good inflatable paddle board from a reputable brand should cost between $900 and $1200 for a durable, solid all-around board and up for higher-end boards with additional material layers and unique features.

Should you buy a cheap paddleboard?

While cheap paddle boards may seem attractive at first glance, their low-quality materials and construction make them far less durable and perform far worse than their more expensive counterparts.

What is the lifespan of a cheap paddle board?

With proper care, an inflatable paddleboard can last for 3-5 years, even when used frequently. However, if the paddleboard is not taken care of properly, it will last only three years.

How Do Cheap And Expensive Inflatable Paddle Boards Differ?

Although a cheaper paddle board may look attractive, it is not necessarily made of high-quality materials and constructed properly. Cheap paddleboards have inferior performance and durability compared to more expensive ones, and you spend more money in the long run when you buy a new paddleboard.