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Updated on 6/20/2024
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Vibe Ghost 110 Angler Kayak

Vibe Ghost 110 Angler Kayak


Vibe Kayaks Ghost 110 11Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak is a versatile and high-performing kayak designed specifically for fishing enthusiasts. With its incredible features and sturdy build, it offers an exceptional fishing experience.

One of the key features of this kayak is its 11-foot length, which provides a perfect balance between speed and stability. Weighing only 62 pounds, it is easy to transport and maneuver. Whether you're paddling in calm waters or facing challenging conditions, this kayak ensures optimum control.

The Vibe Kayaks Ghost 110 comes with two flush-mount rod holders and four integrated gear tracks, allowing you to customize your rigging according to your preferences. This kayak is designed with the angler in mind, providing all the necessary mounting options for accessories.

Additionally, the pre-installed toe-controlled rudder system is a game-changer. It saves your energy during long paddles, windy days, and strong currents. With this rudder, maneuvering becomes effortless, and you can focus on the fishing experience.

Storage options are plentiful with this kayak. It features a large center console, a 20' front oval hatch, a rear hatch, and a spacious bungeed rear tank well. You can bring all your gear and supplies without worrying about limited space.

Comfort is another area where the Vibe Kayaks Ghost 110 shines. The dual-position Vibe Hero seat ensures that you stay comfortable and supported even during long days on the water. Fishing can be physically demanding, so having a comfortable seat is crucial.

Now, let's address some frequently asked questions about this kayak:

The overall length of the kayak does not include the rudder. When the rudder is installed, it adds an additional 4.5" to the length. The rudder is easily removable, and you can refer to the installation video from Vibe for more information.

The depth of this kayak refers to the gun walls, which are four and a half inches deep. While you don't sit very deep in this kayak, it offers stability. It may feel a bit wobbly at first, but once you find the tipping point and get acquainted with the kayak, it becomes a reliable and sturdy vessel for both recreational and fishing purposes.

The hull weight of the Vibe Kayaks Ghost 110 is 62 pounds. It is relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport and handle.

Unfortunately, this kayak does not come with a paddle. You will need to purchase a paddle separately.

In conclusion, the Vibe Kayaks Ghost 110 11Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak is an exceptional choice for fishing enthusiasts. With its speed, stability, storage options, and comfort features, it provides an outstanding fishing experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, this kayak will meet your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the overall length include the rudder or just the hull? If just the hull, how long with the rudder? Is the rudder easily removeable?

The Vibe Outdoors Sea Ghost 110 measures eleven feet in length not including the rudder. With the rudder installed and additional 4.5" is added to the length. The rudder is easily removed, please see the installation video from Vibe for more information.

What is the depth of this kayak? From top to bottom how thick is the kayak?

If you're referring to the gun walls they're four and a half inch deep you don't sit that deep into this kayak but this kayak is stable a bit wobbly but stable once you learn where is the tipping point and how far you can stretch out you'll be good to go I use this kayak for recreational and fishing

How much does the kayak weigh ?

The hull weight for the Sea Ghost 110 is 62 pounds.

Does this come with a paddle

The Sea Ghost 110 from Vibe Outdoors does not include a paddle.