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Updated on 7/10/2024
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Vanhunks Propeller Drive

Vanhunks Propeller Drive


Vanhunks Propeller Drive is a game-changer for hands-free kayak fishing. With its forward-motion and reverse capabilities, this drive is designed for speed and manoeuvrability.

The Vanhunks Propeller Drive operates on a rotational pedal system, allowing you to effortlessly rotate the propeller. This rotation can be made both clockwise and anti-clockwise, giving you the flexibility for forward and reverse movement.

Made from casted Aluminium and finished with a powder-coated surface, the Drive's body is built to last. It is corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring longevity for your Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive. Plus, the crank and prop are sealed, so no maintenance is required.

To keep your propeller drive in top condition, it is recommended to rinse it with fresh water after ocean usage. This helps to remove any saltwater or debris that may have accumulated during your fishing adventures.

The Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive comes with a weedless power prop, providing added protection for your propeller against weeds and other obstacles in the water.

Installing the removable pedal drive is a breeze, taking only seconds to drop-in and lock. And when you encounter shallow water or obstacles, simply tip up the drive to navigate through without any hassle.

This propeller drive is compatible with the Vanhunks Mahi Mahi, Shad, Sauger Tandem, and Pike fishing kayaks. Please note that the kayak is not included with the drive.

Here are some key features of the Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive:

  • The crank is designed for speed and manoeuvrability, providing an optimal fishing experience.
  • With the rotational pedal system, you have complete control over the propeller's movement.
  • Installing and removing the pedal drive is quick and easy, allowing you to adapt to changing water conditions.
  • The drop-in and lock system makes installation a breeze, and the drive is lightweight for convenient storage.
  • In all water conditions, you can rely on the Vanhunks Propeller Drive. When in shallows, the prop can be flipped up into the hull.

This propeller drive is built to last, with corrosion-resistant components and a durable, maintenance-free design. Simply rinse it with fresh water after ocean use to keep it in pristine condition.

The pedals feature a non-slip surface and come with pedal straps for added security. You can pedal with confidence, knowing that your feet will stay secure during your fishing adventures.

And if you ever need to reverse your kayak's direction, the Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive has got you covered. Its powerful torque enables smooth and efficient reverse movement.

This drive is constructed with high-quality materials, including Aluminium, carbon steel, and Stainless Steel. The surface is treated with a powder coating for added durability.

The Vanhunks Kayak Propeller Drive comes with a limited warranty, protecting against any manufacturing defects.