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Updated on 6/20/2024
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Vanhunks Bluefin Tandem Kayak

Vanhunks Bluefin Tandem Kayak


The Vanhunks Bluefin 12’0ft Tandem Kayak is a durable and versatile kayak that is perfect for family and friends of any kayaking skill level. Made from tough 5mm polyethylene, this kayak is strong and durable, with UV protection infused in the molding process to ensure longevity.

The kayak features a comfortable molded-in carry handle on each side and the front and rear, making it easy to transport from the car to the water. With a weight capacity of 550 lbs, the Bluefin can accommodate multiple paddlers and their gear.

The hull design of the Bluefin allows for stability and easy paddling. The deep V in the bow transitions into a flat midsection with deep twin arches, and exits with another deep V in the stern. This design ensures stability on the water while providing a smooth paddling experience.

Storage is not a problem with the Bluefin. It features two bungee-corded equipment tank well areas at the stern and bow, as well as two hatch compartments in front of each paddler. These compartments are secured with a plastic cover and a quick-release buckle, although they are not waterproof. Each hatch cover also includes a molded-in cup holder for added convenience.

The Bluefin is equipped with four integrated sloping rod holders, two in front of the seated area and two behind the back seat. These rod holders are perfect for some laid-back trolling while out on the water.

Comfort is prioritized with the Bluefin. It comes with a raised deluxe aluminum seat that is adjustable to recline or remain upright, depending on your comfort needs. The raised seat design ensures that water stays under the seat and not on you.

The specifications of the Bluefin are as follows: Length: 370 cm / 12 ft, Width: 87 cm / 34 inches, Height: 37 cm / 15 inches, Weight: 35 kg / 77 lbs, Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs.

In the box, you will receive 1x Vanhunks BlueFin 12’0ft Kayak, 2 x Kayak Paddles, 2 x Deluxe Aluminium Adjustable Seats, and 1 x Swivel Rod Holders.

Some frequently asked questions about the kayak:

The seat cannot be repositioned for a single paddler. However, you can add a padded seat to the middle of the kayak for solo use. If you are specifically looking for a tandem kayak that can convert into a single with the aluminum frame seat, we recommend considering our 13' Orca kayak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can seat be repositioned for use by single paddler so that it's more toward the middle?

Hi, The aluminum frame seat cannot be placed in the middle for a single paddler but you can get a padded seat to fit in the middle to use the kayak as a single. If you are looking for a tandem that turns into a single with the aluminum frame seat, we would recommend you look at our 13' Orca kayak.