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Updated on 6/20/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
I'm Abigail Scott, an author, adventurer, and mother of three. When I'm not navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood, you can find me tackling the turbulent waters as a professional whitewater kayaker or scaling impressive rock faces as a climbing guide. The rush of adrenaline, whether from kayaking or climbing, is a feeling I cherish deeply. But the thrill doesn't stop there; I capture the breathtaking allure of nature through my lens as a professional photographer. And when I'm not submerged in the wild, my software engineering skills amplify my outdoor pursuits, allowing me to harness technology in unique ways. Through my writings, whether articles or blog posts, I share not just my adventures but my heart, hoping to spark a flame of inspiration in others to break boundaries and experience the world's wonders.
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Explorer K2 Kayak Set

Explorer K2 Kayak Set


The Explorer K2 Kayak is a 2-person inflatable kayak set that offers a comfortable and enjoyable kayaking experience.

The kayak features an adjustable inflatable seat with a backrest, providing maximum comfort during your time on the water.

The cockpit is designed to offer plenty of space and ensure your comfort throughout your kayaking adventures.

With its dimensions of 10 feet 3 x 3 feet x 1 foot 8 inches, the Explorer K2 Kayak can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

To enhance directional stability, the kayak comes with a removable SKEG, making it easier to navigate through the water.

In case of emergencies, the bright yellow color of the kayak ensures increased visibility, allowing for a quick rescue if needed.

This kayak is specifically designed for smaller bodies of water, such as lakes and mild rivers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience in these environments.

If you're looking for a 2-person kayak, the Explorer K2 Kayak is an excellent choice. For more information, you can visit this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    This or Intex Challenger? What is the difference?I own both kayaks, and I would recommend the Explorer K2 Kayak. The Explorer K2 Kayak features self-bailing capabilities, better seats that raise you out of the water, an upturned nose to prevent water from splashing, and better quality paddles. I have personally taken the Explorer K2 Kayak down a class 3 river without any issues. For river kayaking, make sure to remove the skeg to avoid any problems. Only use the skeg in lakes or ponds. Are the seats removable? I want it for fishing.Yes, the seats in the Explorer K2 Kayak are completely adjustable and removable. This kayak is also quite sturdy, capable of accommodating multiple people and even a pet. What does it come with?According to the manufacturer, the Explorer K2 Kayak no longer comes with a hand pump, despite what may be mentioned on the manufacturer's box or Amazon ad. What is the weight limit?The kayak itself states a weight limit of 330 lbs. However, based on a user's experience, a weight of almost 400 lbs (210 lbs in the back, 130 lbs in the front, and a 45 lb child) did not cause any flotation issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

This or intex Challenger? What is the different?

I own both kayaks and I would rather go with the explore to kayak, the reason is the Explorer - is self bailing has better seats that raise you out of the water in the bottom of the boat has an upturned nose to keep water from splashing you paddles are better quality. I have taken the explorer down a class 3 river the cabarrton river in Idaho with no problems. Take the skeg off if you do rivers, will just cause you problems if you dont, mainly you will loose it. Only use tue skeg in lakes or ponds.

Are the seats removeable? Only want it myself for fishing

Yes, the seats are completely adjustable and removable. This is a very sturdy little boat as well. We have two and myself, my 12 year old daughter and our Border Collie all ride in one boat together.

what does come with

Spoke to the manufacturer, and it no longer comes with a hand pump despite what the manufacturer's box, and amazon ad say.

what is the weight limit?

It says 330 lbs on the kayak itself. Today was my first time using it, I am 210 lbs and sat in the back, my wife is 130 lbs and sat in front along with our 5 year old(about 45 lbs) on her lap. I also had about 10lb in a dry bag behind me. There were no flotation issues even with almost 400 lb