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All You Need to Know About High Society Paddle Board 2024

High Society Paddle Board

High Society Paddle Board

Updated on 7/10/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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General Overview

Whether planning a serene Saturday at the lake, a calming river journey, or seeking an additional activity for your camping escapade, the inflatable stand-up Free ride from High Society Paddle Boards is an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

High Society Paddle Boards offer five unique versions, varying prices from roughly $800 to $1,300, depending on the specific model. All their paddle boards measure exactly 10 feet 6 inches long and consistently 6 inches tall. The width ranges from 32 to 36 inches, designed to accommodate various user profiles and ensure stability. The question arises: Are high-spectrum Society Paddle Boards good? Given their specific attention to user needs and a range of options, they're a strong contender in the paddleboard market.

Taking in the sun's warm rays while lazily floating in the water is an experience that cannot be topped. Or, even better, take a boat ride down the river with some of your best friends as you joke about all the happy memories you have from your youth. You may even decide to start a game of paddle board chicken, in which you try to knock all your opponents into the water and win the game to declare yourself the master of the lake. No matter how you decide to put your paddle board to use, canoeing and kayaking, you will inevitably establish new connections and create memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Review Of The High Society Paddle Board, Including Both Its Strengths And Weaknesses




  • Paddleboards of the highest possible quality
  • Outstanding support for existing customers
  • Very sturdy boards that are surprisingly easy to manage.


  • Although more expensive than the products some other firms offer, High Society Stand-Up Paddleboards
  • provide an exceptional return on investment.

Who Should Invest In A Paddle Board Fit For A High Society?

The weekend warrior, the laid-back explorer, and even the outdoors lover may benefit from using an inflatable paddle board. It is a blessing for people who enjoy outdoor activities but despise the hassle of carrying ample supplies.

Whether you only go paddle boarding sometimes or make it a weekly ritual, investing in an inflatable paddle board is the best choice you could make. It can be stowed easily, taking up as little room as possible when you know you won't use it for a long. Still, it also has the required durability to use it whenever you can go out on the water.

Regarding The Upper Classes



The fact that Colorado High Society is located in the picturesque and distinguished town of Aspen gives them a strong understanding of the challenging natural environment, reflected in their personnel and mission.

They strongly emphasize manufacturing only the most durable and high-quality gear for their clients to deliver the very best paddle boards in terms of performance. Since 2003, they have been operating their firm, and for the last more than a decade and a half, they have been testing their equipment in the harsh Rocky Mountains located a few hours west of Denver.

Because of their location, you can be sure that their SUPs are tested in some of the worst circumstances possible, and the strong character of their personnel ensures that there is no wasted time in their evaluation procedure.

Various Other Awards

High Society boards have been honored with many accolades by various groups throughout its existence. A few such examples are as follows:

  • The Outside Gear of the Year Award for 2016

Feedback From Customers Of High Society Stand-Up Paddleboards

After compiling and examining feedback from more than 30 buyers, we determined that High Society Paddle Boards deserve a perfect score of five out of five stars.

Customer Likes

  • Superior caliber
  • Paddling and steering it is a breeze.
  • Excellent consistency
  • Excellent service to the customer
  • Simple to both inflate and deflate, as well as transport.

Customer Dislikes

  • When delivered, it was mentioned that there was a component missing (customer service fixed asap)

Comparison Of High Society Paddle Boards And Their Various Models



The Northstar Inflatable Paddle Board, Designed And Manufactured By High Society

Our Overall Review
Read full review

The NorthStar inflatable paddle board is a stand-up paddle board (ISUP) that is simple to store and carry. It is a versatile option that can cater to anyone interested in outdoor activities. It includes a commercial-quality inflate valve that latches open for rapid deflation so you can pack it up, store it, and be on your way in no time. In addition, we have provided you with a comprehensive ISUP package so that you will never have to stress about leaving anything behind on any of your exciting water activities.

The Inflatable Stand-Up PaddleBoard (ISUP)

The Set has a foldable aluminum paddle, an ergonomic hand pump with a pressure gauge, and an ankle leash. You can remove the 10-inch composite center fin and store it in the quick-drying mesh backpack and the rest of your stand-up paddle board equipment whenever you want. If you are constantly planning, the accessory package also comes with a valve wrench and material for making patches so that you are never caught off guard should you find yourself in a difficult position.

The Flagship of High Society, the Northstar SUP (All Around Performance)

The Flagship model offered by High Society is an excellent all-around board. Can transport you to the desired location. As you can expect, the state of Colorado offers a diverse selection of places to go canoeing and kayaking, from lakes and rivers to reservoirs, and this was developed with all of them in mind. It is also a popular choice for individuals searching for a speedier paddling board that is ideal for fitness since it paddles over choppy water with ease and is a winner.

It has our standard 10'6" extended profile, with a width of 32 inches and a thickness of 6 inches, and it is more than adequate to take you, your dog, a cooler, and your stuff on spectacular excursions.

You are looking for something simple to inflate and deflate, simple to transport and store, and paddlers of varying sizes and levels of expertise can enjoy that. The Flagship is your go-to freeride paddle board with a wide range of capabilities.

In a lighthearted aside, it's worth noting that High Society takes a lot of pride in the aesthetic quality of their stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), and the artwork on this particular board was the result of a collaboration between two artists who are both based in Colorado: Robert Maestas and Nathan Reese.

ZG Stand-Up Paddle Board

The ZG is a limited edition board built to be sturdy in all situations thanks to its thick profile that measures 6 inches. The board has the Colorado state flag. Because the nose of the ZG has a rocker, it moves through any water with ease, regardless of the conditions.


USS HS 2 board has a slightly wider profile than 35 inches, and when paired with its deck thickness of 6 inches, it can handle both whitewater and flat water situations with relative ease.

Due to its construction, it was built for the longer paddle and to be comfortable even while carrying different stuff. The bungee tie-down makes it easy to store gear. High Society also supplied an additional plush deck mat, which feels fantastic during lengthy expeditions and is an excellent addition.

This model of stand-up paddleboard, known as the High Society, is the best option if you prioritize stability above all else. For this reason, it is an excellent option for anyone interested in practicing SUP Yoga.

Wolf Package (All Conditions Board)

The Wolf is designed to be a one-board quiver that can accommodate either men or women and is equipped with various features, including a rocker-ed nose and a flat tail profile. It can transport you to wherever you like, whether rivers, lakes, or farther beyond. Robert Maestas, an artist based in Denver, is responsible for creating this masterwork, which features a delicate grey coloration.

Luxurious stand-up high society paddle board Free riding is an indispensable must for anybody who values time spent in a beautiful natural environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are high society paddleboards good?

When you get going, it hauls, moves smoothly, and maneuvers very well. So far, it has performed well in frigid glacier water, down class II rivers, and the ocean. This is my favorite SUP among those I've tried from other manufacturers.

How long can you leave a high society paddle board inflated?

If you are planning on leaving your paddle board inflated for a week or two between uses, that is perfectly fine for the health of your inflatable SUP.

Do high society paddle boards lose air?

It will slowly lose air when you keep your inflatable SUP inflated for months. The process takes a very long time, however. The integrity of your inflatable paddle board may not be affected if you leave it inflated for ten months, but it may lose 1-2 PSI's worth of air.