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Wake Up and Ride: Top Boats for Wakeboarding 2024

Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboard Boat

Updated on 5/20/2024
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Wakeboarding, an exhilarating fusion of water skiing and surfing, was born out of Tony Finn's inventive mind in 1980. Since its conception, this hybrid sport has garnered massive popularity across the globe. However, regardless of owning top-of-the-line bindings or a state-of-the-art wakeboard, without a proper wakeboard boat, your wakeboarding ambitions may not sail far. This fact was one of the most daunting hurdles I encountered when embarking on my wakeboarding journey.

My quest was riddled with numerous questions like identifying the best wakeboard boats or understanding if renting one was a feasible option over buying. You're fortunate, as we've gathered comprehensive information in this guide to assist you in navigating the broad spectrum of wakeboard boats available in the market.

In this discussion, we will spotlight the best wake surf boats 2024 has to offer, focusing on renowned brands such as Malibu Boats, Tige Boats, and Centurion Boats.

From scrutinizing the boat's blueprint to understanding the intricacies of its engine specifications, every detail matters when it comes to wakeboarding. After all, the wakeboard boat significantly shapes the overall wakeboarding experience.

Why was the bicycle unable to stand on its own? Because it was simply too "two-tired"! But speaking of standing up, it's crucial to secure a top-notch wakeboard boat, or else you'll find yourself literally soaked!

The Top Rated List Of The Best Wakeboard Boats

Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboard Boat

The following is a list that we have compiled of the top boats available for wakeboarding. Their high performance, ballast systems, hull constructions, and potential board riding speeds are just some areas in which they differ.

Even though they are unique, we can guarantee that the boats on the following list are among the best wakeboard boats that money can buy.

1- Supra SA

1. Supra SA

1. Supra SA

Your search is over if you are looking for a wakeboard boat with the most effective ballast systems and space for gear storage. The Supra SA is the solution to all your storage problems; it was developed expressly for these applications.

The storage capacity is unquestionably one of the most notable characteristics of this unit, which measures more than 22 feet in length and has a beam that is just a hair wider than 102 inches.

Extra features include seats that can be removed, giving you access to space that would otherwise be unavailable in a vessel of a lesser size. Because of these built-in options, the space available in the cockpit can also be increased.

If you aren't a heat fan, you will be pleased with one of the innovative standard features on the Supra SA. The Supra SA is constructed from materials featuring chill tech vinyl integration, and this material is well-known for preventing heat buildup on the boat, even under sun exposure. Regarding wakeboard capacity and storage space, the Supra SA is one of the best boats available.


2- Axis Wake A20 (Axis Wake)

The audio system included in the Axis Wake A20 will have you grinning from ear to ear if you like to listen to music while you are wakeboarding. This wake boat's cabin has seven speakers located in various locations.

The A20 has some of the same features as the Supra SA, including chairs that can remove to create additional space within the wake boat itself and a transom design that is sufficiently spacious to function as one of the many areas on the craft that are designated for social interaction.

Typically, only three to four speakers are installed in the sound systems of boats used in competition. Because its systems are superior to its competitors, this boat is in a class regarding its audio capabilities.

The vehicle also has impressive fuel efficiency, a built-in cooler, and a high-performance engine for a very comfortable ride. These are three of its standout features.

Wake boats such as the Axis Wake A20 are designed to give you and your friends your private areas for conversation, where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy catching an incredible wake.


3- Moomba Kiyen

The Moomba Kiyen is, without a doubt, my top pick from this collection. Although it is a wake boat of a smaller size, the boat's powerful engine makes it an ideal choice for producing some impressive waves. However, the Nautique surf system on the Moomba Kiyen comes with easy toggle controls, a feature that is not standard on other wake boats' Nautique surf systems.

Behind the wheel of the vehicle is where the toggle controls are located. Because of the vessel's diminutive proportions, its designers prioritized ensuring that every component was as space-efficient as possible. Because of this, the driver can generate enormous waves and a potent wake for you to soar off. You can count on a ballast system with more than 3 tonnes as one of its standard features. This system is also available to you.

This wake boat is smaller than its competitors. Still, anyone in the wake sports market knows that a wakeboard boat with high performance is more critical to wakeboarding than a wake boat that overcompensates on size. This is because wakeboarding requires the rider to be able to perform complex maneuvers.


4- Super Air Nautique GS22E

My ideal boat would be a Super Air Nautique GS22E because it has an integrated touch screen that allows you to adjust the speed at which it is controlled. A wake boat traveling at the optimum speed is the only way to produce the most considerable wake possible, and this boat is more than capable of achieving that speed.

The fact that this wake boat has an electric motor is easily the most impressive aspect, and no noise is produced when you are zipping off of wakes and waves. This electric engine has a use time of three hours, after which you must locate a charging station to maintain its functionality. It would be best to avoid activating the cruise control to save battery life.

Since the Super Air Nautique and its electric engine can handle choppy waters, all that is left for you to worry about is riding perfect waves and wake surfing to the fullest extent possible. Even your GoPro camera can be attached to the stilts that are provided.

This water sports boat is at the top of its class in sports boats that allow you to make the most of the wakes and waves you ride. It even comes with an app that will enable you to change the trail settings even if you aren't the one driving the boat yourself. It is a very convenient feature.


5- Centurion Vi24

5. Centurion Vi24

5. Centurion Vi24

The wake boat appears different than the other surf vehicles on this list; however, it does so precisely, making it one of the top wakeboard boats. Its incredible stability can be attributed to its opti-v hull design.

A stable boat is essential for wakeboarding and other water sports like water skiing. Only a ship that is steady enough to maintain its course regardless of the conditions in the water can produce a wake of significant size, and it is accurate for a small ski boat.

Its typical V-hull is at a more shallow angle than this one, which is unusual for boats of this size. I can find A wake plate in the back of the vehicle. A device known as a wake plate is a piece of equipment that enables riders to quickly transition from one side of the wake to the other.

Two separate paddle shifters, one for the wake plate and one for the control speed, are used to operate the two features. These paddle shifters are behind the steering wheel, like those found in other vehicles used for competing in this sport.

Confident riders need to switch sides to accommodate their riding style better. A person who is passionate about slalom is aware that this requirement is not unique to water sports. After all, there are many similarities between skiing and wake surfing.


6- Tige 23RZX

Tige 23RZX

Tige 23RZX

There is a good chance that you are not familiar with the wet sounds audio system, but it is precisely the kind of feature that helps put the Tige in the running for the title of best wakeboard boat. The user interface of this wakeboarding boat, which has won multiple awards, can be customized to the rider's preferences.

Its wet sounds audio system blasts the noises made when wake surfing through the device's speakers. It results in an immersive experience for whoever is seated behind the wheel or within the vessel's deep-v hull.

The highest priority during the creation of this boat was to prioritize the passengers' comfort level. The Tige 23RZX has a comfort mode that softens the impact of the waves on the water behind it. Because of the equilibrium created for each wave, it does not matter if you are a novice or an experienced surfer; you will have the same experience either way.

Even though a wake surfing boat like a Malibu wakesetter might have more brand appeal, this Tige comes out on top because of its thoughtful construction.


7- The Mastercraft NXT22 (NEXT22)

The Mastercraft NXT22 (NEXT22)

The Mastercraft NXT22 (NEXT22)

The wakeboard boat that lives up to the rider's lofty expectations is the one that is considered to be the best. We believe the Mastercraft NXT22 is one example of a boat that fits this description. Because there is room for up to 14 people inside, nobody will have to be left behind during this adventure.

The sight of the ship's control panel is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any captain. It is the pinnacle of analog and digital technology combined in seamless harmony. This system provides switches that allow you to personalize the wake the boat produces in the water efficiently.

What else could you possibly want from life at this point? You would be pleased to learn this is the case if your answer was "a surf system integrated into this boat's pickle fork-style design." This boat measured 23 feet long and was designed to be competitive with boats much longer.

The boat deserves to be near the top of this list regarding space efficiency, and this is because every seat on this vessel has the capability of being removed. Before entering the water, take the seats out of the canoe and put them away securely. We will use The seats in the water if this does not occur.


8- Malibu Wakesetter 23 MX

 Malibu Wakesetter 23 MX

Malibu Wakesetter 23 MX

The Malibu wakesetter is a classic model revered throughout the world of sports boats, and this is because this boat has an operating system that is constantly being updated. Instead of the touch screen that is typically included in the design of vessels for the water, this one has a set of dials.

You can quickly adjust the boat's speed and the distribution of its ballast using these dials. Malibu has not, however, rejected all forms of technological advancement, and it allows users to connect to Spotify and has wireless charging capabilities for their mobile devices.

Many board racks are dispersed across this structure's pickle fork bow shape. Even though it lacks the size of the surf gate found on ATV surf boats, this shouldn't be too much of an issue for you. If the way a boat looks is just as important to you as how well it functions, then you will be a big fan of this particular vessel. With its highly pointed nose and long, slender body, the Malibu 23 MX appears to have flown straight out of a spy movie.

Its entire hull was built to glide through the water. However, this does not imply that the vessel will bounce erratically with each wave, as with all boats with a flat bottom. Check out the buyer's guide that we've provided below to learn why boats with flat bottoms are not the best choice for wakeboarding.


The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Wakeboard Boat

The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Boat

The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Boat

Let us break down the characteristics of a high-quality boat for you if you have trouble deciding which boat to purchase. One should consider some components and aspects when shopping for a ship designed for wakeboarding.

When making a purchase, you should consider the most important things to you. The value of the internal ballast system lies in allowing me to modify the boat's degree of maneuverability.

Test Drive

Boat Review | Test Drive - Heyday H22

You don't do so when you buy a car before putting it through its paces behind the wheel in a test drive. When buying a boat, you should apply the same basic principle. Please pay close attention to how challenging it is to maneuver through the various features of the potential ship you intend to purchase while on a test drive.

Investing in a boat capable of providing you with a million different services would be a waste of money if you could not use any of those services. One more thing to take into consideration is the amount of noise that the boat is producing. Conforming with your friends on a very loud ship won't be easy.

In conclusion, you should think about how a boat feels to you. If the ship seems to be moving slowly while you are giving it a test drive, then it is doubtful that it will be able to produce the necessary wakes for this sport.

Hull Design

Hull Design

Hull Design

A boat's hull is its outer layer, and this layer's design helps the boat cut through the water. In most cases, a "v" shape will cause water to be displaced around your ship. Because of this, the boat can sail smoothly and at high speeds, even when the seas are more turbulent than they typically are.

Regarding boats, I had a flat hull on the bottom increase, bouncing off the water. Wakeboarding on a vessel constantly bouncing around is not a good idea because the ship cannot create waves suitable for riding, even though this might sound exciting.

When wakeboarding, you should steer clear of hulls with a flat bottom.

Engine Make

Engine Make

Engine Make

Your boat's capability of reaching higher speeds, as well as the size of the wakes it creates, is directly proportional to the power of its engine. But power isn't everything; you must also consider how efficiently the engine uses fuel.

You don't want an engine that will eat up your money, especially considering how quickly the price of fuel is rising everywhere in the world. You might want to think about using an electric-powered engine instead, but if you do, you must remember to factor in the amount of time it takes to charge.

If your boat's engine suddenly stops working while you are in the middle of a lake, you won't be able to add more fuel to it if it is an electric motor.

Internal Ballast

Internal Ballast

Internal Ballast

You can adjust the ship's maneuverability and stability thanks to the ballast, which provides the boat with peace. "internal ballast" refers to concealing the ship's overall weight by moving it inside the vessel rather than distributing it externally.


It is essential to consider the location of the internal ballast system because the location of the system will determine the effects it has on the boat. When a ballast system is installed on one end of a ship and then moved to the other end of the same boat, it will drastically alter the boat's ability to remain upright.


Fill-time refers to the time required to fill the internal ballast system. People with trouble waiting should look for ballast systems that can fill up in a few minutes. It is crucial to remember that the fill time will lengthen as the pump ages.

The total time for most wakeboarding boats today is approximately six minutes when using a brand-new pump.

How Much Does Owning A Wakeboard Boat Cost?

How Much Does Owning A Wakeboard Boat Cost?

How Much Does Owning A Wakeboard Boat Cost?

The Price Tags

The price tags of boats of this type typically range from one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand dollars. As an illustration, the entry price for the Mastercraft NXT22 was mentioned earlier; it begins at $106,000. The cost of this item will increase as you customize it and add new features to it.

Recent Estimate For The Beginning Price

The most recent estimate for the beginning price of a Centurion Vi24 was $110,000. It is essential to remember that the boat's price is not the only cost to consider. If you do not have a place to store the ship, renting a space in the water is likely between $1,000 and $5,000 per year. This price is subject to change based on the time of year.


Insurance is necessary for any vehicle, regardless of the terrain it was designed to navigate, and this requirement applies to all cars. Insurance policies for boats of this size typically begin at $300 but can quickly climb to $800 or more depending on the individual's driving history and other factors.


“Lastly, you will be responsible for the costs associated with maintaining the craft. Must spend No predetermined amount on a boat's upkeep, which accounts for about ten percent of the overall cost of the ship. If you bought a one hundred thousand dollar boat, the annual maintenance costs would be approximately ten thousand dollars.”


Purchasing a wakeboard boat is expensive, but it is necessary if you want the freedom to wakeboard whenever possible. This is because many wakeboard shops and boat rental businesses close during certain times of the day and even throughout the entire season.


Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboard Boat

Investing in a boat designed explicitly for wakeboarding can be a transformative experience. When deciding whether or not I wanted to advance further in this water sport, I thought about whether to make this choice.

You won't go wrong with any choice you make from the brands and models we have presented here because they are the best in their categories.

Keeping our buyer's guide in mind can help when you're trying to narrow down all the options available. You won't be able to make an intelligent purchase unless you first eliminate all the boats unsuitable for your requirements from your search. Always put a vehicle through its paces before settling on a purchase decision.

On paper, you may believe that you have found the one, but if you cannot navigate the craft properly, you do not like the feel of it, or you are not using its more eccentric features, then it is not suitable for you.

We don't just want you to buy something; we want you to buy the best thing for your needs. The wakeboard boat that allows you to compete at a higher level is the one that is going to be the most beneficial to you.