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Fold Your Way to Fun: The Best Origami Paddler Reviews

Origami Paddler Review

Origami Paddler Review

Updated on 7/10/2024
Reagan FischerBy Reagan Fischer
Reagan Fischer
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Among the different types of kayaks available in the market, one particular kind is gaining significant popularity and interest due to its unique features. These innovative kayaks are easy to pack and transport and relatively lightweight, making them convenient to set up at the beach. The growing demand for these kayaks has led to a wide variety of options for buyers.

Regarding paddling performance, the most crucial factor to consider, some of these models have received high praise in my previous reviews, while others have fallen short of expectations. It's essential to keep this in mind. After testing the Origami Paddler, I couldn't help but conclude that it belongs in the second category. I don't want to give away too much, but as you might have guessed from the post's title, I couldn't help but come to that conclusion. I'll share some information for now. Usually, I like to paddle for at least a couple of hours before finishing my reviews. However, in this case, I discovered what I needed to know within the first 20 to 30 minutes of paddling. I want to share my findings and thoughts with you, so please stay tuned.

The Origami Paddler

Origami Paddler Review

Origami Paddler Review

  • Retail price: $849 (USD)
  • The website advertises a price of $695 for the package, which consists of the seat and the paddle as part of the deal. (USD)
  • It will cost you $539 to participate in the game just through the online platform without purchasing a seat or a paddle (USD)
  • The length is around 3 meters in total.
  • Width: 31.5″
  • Weight: 45 LBS (20 KG)
  • The absolute maximum load that this product may support is 230 pounds (104 KG)

The Origami Paddler paddleboard has a more straightforward design than other paddleboards, as well as fewer features and functions in general than other models. The package includes features such as foot wells, a piece of a tank well fitted with some bungee straps, and dual fins that can assist with tracking. In addition, I investigated the items contained within the package, which consisted of a fundamental seat and some padding designed to be positioned beneath it.

What Is The Weight Of The Origami Paddler?

The Origami Paddler was designed with portability in mind. Unfortunately, its construction doesn't make it as portable as hoped. At 45 pounds, it's heavier compared to other products like the Oru Kayak Inlet and the Tucktec. While it can be folded into a compact cube for storage, moving it around is more challenging than expected. The Paddler has some great features, including its easy setup, which involves three simple steps to unfold and lock into place.

What Is The Stability Of The Origami Paddler?

Due to its design, the Origami Paddler is relatively stable, and you can safely sit or even stand on it for a stand-up paddleboarding experience. Its stability comes from a comprehensive, flat platform 31.5 inches in width.

How Good Is The Origami Paddler?

The Origami Paddler's paddling performance is limited due to its 9-foot length, broad base, and flat hull. It moves at a leisurely pace in the water. The two fins attached to the kayak help with tracking but don't contribute to speed. The boat's shorter length makes it more maneuverable, but this advantage is reduced when the fins are removed. Most users would prefer more speed in exchange for these benefits if given the option.

How Comfortable Is The Origami Paddler?

Comfort is not the Origami Paddler's strong suit. After an hour of paddling, users may experience discomfort and cramping. The kayak's open design allows for frequent position changes, which helps alleviate some pressure. However, the seat is the primary source of discomfort, as it lacks proper cushioning and a body-contouring curve. The footwells are also problematic, as they offer limited adjustability.

Who Is The Origami Paddler For?

The Origami Paddler is suitable for users who enjoy paddling on calm lakes, and it's not meant for extended explorations or all-day adventures. Users should also be cautious of the kayak's stated weight capacity of 230 pounds, as some may find it feels closer to its limit than expected.

Is The Origami Paddler Worth It?

The Origami Paddler is available at various prices depending on your chosen package. The most affordable option, priced at $539, does not include a seat or paddle; at this price point, the value seems low. Other portable watercraft options, like kayaks and stand-up paddleboards, provide a better paddling experience at a similar or lower price.

If you choose the $695 package that includes the seat and paddle, you may find the added cost doesn't justify the quality of these extras. The seat padding is inadequate, and the paddle's dimensions are insufficient.

Overall, there are better alternatives to the Origami Paddler in terms of quality, price, and convenience. Therefore, it's not a recommended option for most users.

Despite this not being the most enthusiastic review, we hope you found it helpful and informative. Check out other reviews and instructional videos on for more paddling-related content.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Origami Paddlers good?

When it comes to performance, what can one anticipate from the Origami Paddler? Unfortunately, it does not lend itself to any paddling performance because it is 9 feet long, has a wide base, and has a flat hull. The Paddler is a type of sea slug gliding leisurely around the water's surface. The two fins attached to the kayak make it simpler for the Paddler to hang on to a line, but they do not in any way increase the boat's speed.

Is there a way to get water out of the Origami Paddler?

There is a risk that the vessel will sustain damage if water is allowed to accumulate in one of the hull parts due to paddling, precipitation, or condensation. That does not qualify as a defect in the product in any way. To get the water out of the container, you will need first to take out the plugs, and once all of the water has been drained, you will need to put the pins back in the container in a safe manner.

What is the best way to store Origami Paddlers?

We recommend that you keep your Paddler in a location that is out of the way of direct sunlight and away from any sources of moisture. This will guarantee that all of the components of your Paddler survive as long as possible and will shield them from the effects of the environment. Before you put anything away, check that it is clean, dry, and perhaps even disinfected. Only then should you put it away. Make sure that the seat and any other accessories are completely dry at all times by paying special attention to them and giving them extra care.

What is the weight of the Origami Paddler?

Because it does not have any handles, it isn't easy to get it into and out of the automobile as well as the water. That also applies to moving it around inside the water. If one has access to the required tools, it is easier to disassemble the device into its three separate parts despite having a total weight of 45 pounds.

Where is the Origami Paddler made?

Kansas Roof racks, paddles, and other accessories should be among the things that come to mind. In addition to being affordable, simple to transport, and resistant to adverse weather conditions, the Origami Paddler is proudly manufactured in the state of Kansas. It is also environmentally friendly.

What is the width of the Origami Paddler?

What Sort Of Measurements Are Contained Within The Origami Paddler? The Origami measures 8 feet 11 inches in length and 32 inches across at its widest point. On the other hand, it is possible to fold it into thirds, and the measurements of the item when it is entirely folded are 35.5" x 31.5" x 13.5", with a thickness that ranges between 7 and 7.5"