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Updated on 7/10/2024
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Solo Mount Base: Ram Kayak Accessory

Solo Mount Base: Ram Kayak Accessory


Perception Solo Mount Base for Ram Kayak Accessories

The Perception Solo Mount for RAM kayak accessories is a versatile and practical addition to your kayak. With its patent-pending design, it allows you to customize your Perception kayak with the latest RAM accessories.

This mount easily screws into the molded recess on specified Perception kayak models, eliminating the need for drilling or additional installation hardware. It is a convenient solution that securely holds RAM accessories, keeping them within reach while you navigate the waters.

This mount is compatible with the Perception hi life, sound, and picador models. It seamlessly integrates with these kayaks, offering a seamless and functional setup for your RAM accessories.

If you're wondering about compatibility with other Perception kayak models, rest assured. The Perception Solo Mount is also compatible with the 2018 Perception Pescador 120 and the Perception Outlaw 11.6. These kayaks can benefit from the convenience and functionality of RAM accessories.

If you own a Perception Joyride and are looking to add fishing rod holders, you may be wondering about the size options. The difference between the 1"-1.5" options lies in the size of the ball. Depending on the attachment, some are designed for the 1" ball, while others are designed for the 1-1/2" ball. Consider your specific needs and accessories before making a selection.

For those who own a Perception Tribe kayak, the good news is that this mount is compatible. The new 2020 Perception Tribes have a Solo Mount recess on the deck, allowing you to effortlessly attach and enjoy RAM accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this fit the 2018 Perception Pescador 120?

Yes, this is compatible with the 2018 Pescador 120

Will this work for the Perception outlaw 11.6 ?

Yes, this is compatible with the Perception Outlaw.

I just got a perception joyride. I want to add a fishing rod holder or two. What’s the difference between the 1”-1.5”? Thx!

The size of the ball. It depends on the attachment. Some are designed for the 1" ball and others for the 1-1/2" ball. Look to see what you are going to use first.

Will this work on a perception tribe? It has the threaded hole for ram accessories.

Yes it will, the new 2020 Perception Tribes have a Solo Mount recess on the deck.