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Updated on 7/10/2024
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Pelican Symbiosa Kayak Paddle - Lightweight

Pelican Symbiosa Kayak Paddle - Lightweight


  • Length Adjustement: Easy length adjustment with a telescoping ferrule system. It's ideal for recreational paddlers over 5'5' in kayaks over 30' wide. The length can be adjusted from 230 cm to 240 cm (90.5 in. to 94.4 in.)
  • Lightweight: Due to the quality of the materials used, the SYMBIOSA adjustable kayak paddle is very light. It weighs only 970 g (34.2 oz).
  • Premium Material: This kayak paddle is made of a two-piece fiberglass shaft with fiberglass reinforced nylon blades. The fiberglass shaft provides a lighter and more comfortable option that doesn't get as cold as aluminum. The blades are lighter and stronger than polypropylene.
  • Unique Design: The high quality full blade decal makes the Symbiosa paddle stand out.
  • Ferrule System: This paddle is equipped of a telescoping ferrule system. It makes it quick, easy and simple to adjust the length. It's ideal for those with multiple kayaks or for those who might want one paddle to accomodate all their friends and family.

About Product

The SYMBIOSA kayak paddle was carefully designed for paddlers of all skill levels. This adjustable paddle offers superior quality and versatility at a great price for low-angle paddlers wanting to cover greater distances while reducing shoulder fatigue. Adjustable, this fiberglass kayak paddle is ideal for those with multiple kayaks or for those who might want one paddle to accommodate all their friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone own this for a while with input have any issues with the locking mechanism? Read on pelican site you are unable to order replacement parts.

I’ve been using the paddle for three months and I have had no issues whatsoever with the locking mechanism. Love the paddle.

Does the locking mechanism hold up?

We have had these for a short time - so far, yes. Being adjustable is a nice feature. There is a flap in the center that locks / clamps the paddle at the desired length. The paddle does not slip when locked in place.

How many ounces does this paddle weigh?

I got 35.6 oz for the 240-250cm one.

Anyone using this paddle for fishing? when i set it down in my lap so i can fish, the paddle rolls. either towards me or away. never stays still!!

we use it for fishing and it stays in my lap. but i use my kayak paddle holder mostly.