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Updated on 6/11/2024
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Ocean Kayak Round Gaspachi Kayak Hatch Kit

Ocean Kayak Round Gaspachi Kayak Hatch Kit


The Ocean Kayak Round Gaspachi Kayak Hatch Kit is a must-have accessory for certain Ocean Kayak models. With its 8-inch round push-on design, this hatch is easy to install and provides a tight fit to prevent any water from entering the kayak. Made of super tough rubber, it ensures durability and reliability.

This hatch kit is compatible with several Ocean Kayak models, including the Malibu Two (bow, center, and stern), Malibu Two XL (bow and stern), Scrambler (bow and center), and Cabo (center). With all the necessary mounting hardware provided, installation is a breeze. The package also includes detailed installation instructions to guide you through the process.

For added convenience, this hatch kit includes rivets and a gear strap. The strap is used to attach the hatch to the hull of the kayak, ensuring a secure fit. While it may seem unnecessary, the strap actually aids in the removal of the hatch due to its tight fit.

One common question is whether the strap is used to attach items inside the hatch. However, the strap is solely for securing the hatch to the kayak's hull. Unfortunately, the kit does not include a bag for the hatch. It simply provides access to the kayak's interior, allowing items to be stored but without a dedicated bag to prevent them from rolling around or getting lost.

Thanks to its tight seal, this hatch provides a waterproof cavity for your kayak. Even if the boat flips upside down, the seal offers protection against water entering the interior. Many users have tested this in various conditions, including surfing, and have found that their belongings remain safe and dry inside the kayak.

If you prefer to use a bag with this hatch, you may consider attaching a gear bag underneath it using Velcro. Although not included in the kit, this can help keep your items organized and within reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the strap go inside the hole to attach items?

The strap is there to attach the hatch to the hull of the kayak itself with an eyelet that also gets rivetted to the hull. I supposed it sounds sort of pointless but it does aid with the removal of the hatch due to the tight fit.

does this come with a bag for the hatch? or is it just allow a access for things to roll around and get lost inside the kayak?

It's just a hatch. No bag included.

Would the kayak cavity be waterproof with this cover on should the boat flip upside down?

It keeps a really tight seal. I would think you would be okay if your flipped. I take my ocean kayak Malibu in the surf and it is fine with this hatch

Can you use a bag with this hatch? How can I prevent my items inside from moving out of reach?

Mine is being used on a Malibu 2. I don’t have a bag but you could probably keep a gear bag underneath it with Velcro on the inside of the hull.