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Updated on 6/20/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
I'm Abigail Scott, an author, adventurer, and mother of three. When I'm not navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood, you can find me tackling the turbulent waters as a professional whitewater kayaker or scaling impressive rock faces as a climbing guide. The rush of adrenaline, whether from kayaking or climbing, is a feeling I cherish deeply. But the thrill doesn't stop there; I capture the breathtaking allure of nature through my lens as a professional photographer. And when I'm not submerged in the wild, my software engineering skills amplify my outdoor pursuits, allowing me to harness technology in unique ways. Through my writings, whether articles or blog posts, I share not just my adventures but my heart, hoping to spark a flame of inspiration in others to break boundaries and experience the world's wonders.
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Ocean Kayak Frenzy Solo Kayak

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Solo Kayak


This compact sit-on-top kayak is perfect for paddlers looking for a playful boat that's at home in the waves or on calm water.


  • Stable Tri-Form hull for beginners and experienced kayakers
  • Comfortable seat with 4-way adjustment
  • 9 feet long, 43 lbs - Easy to transport
  • Gear storage in bow and stern
  • Capacity: 275-325 lbs


  • Does it come with scupper plugs? No, but you can buy them separately.
  • Is it good for rivers? Yes, for calm rivers or those with mild rapids. Scout the river first if unsure.
  • Exact dimensions? Center height is about 12-13", with a higher bow and stern.

Things we like

  • Responsive and fun
  • Good for surf and flatwater
  • Comfortable for long paddles

Things we don't like

  • Scuppers can let in water - consider plugs or a raised seat.
  • Not ideal for higher-class whitewater

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 180 lb person sit in this without sitting in water?

I HIGHLY doubt it. We rented 2 of these kayaks and I was not REALLY expecting to sit in water (never used sit on top kayaks before). I am 150, with a backpack of 2 water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray... no way I was over 170. I was sitting in water upon launch on a dead calm bayou. My girl is 20lbs less, no bag, and same amount of water. We paddled for 3 hrs and crossed a very choppy bay,but nothing came over the sides of the yaks... so if you put a plug in the seat scuppers or used a raised seat, you would PROBABLY be good. This would still allow excessive water to drain by your feet. If you got SWAMPED, you could probably pull the plugs, let water out, and re-insert.... but that would depend on your stability and flexibility to kneel and turn around to pull the plugs from under your seat. Water level wasn't really ABOVE the scupper holes, but didn't take any sloshing at all for it to wet your butt/feet. I'm the one that carried these around to the water and didn't notice any water sloshing inside the yak, which would be the only thing that could make them sit lower in the water.

Would this be good on rivers?

I have taken mine on rivers, lakes, and under the Golden Gate bridge on the north side to where the old cannon bunkers are. It can navigate rivers, but because it is a sit on top, you really want to be careful on what river you want to take it on. Any river that is class 2-3 I would defiantly want to scout it out on a raft first. It is very maneuverable but because the only thing holding you in is you, one wrong step and you can be on a you tube video.So I would say for rivers that are more float style with mild rapids and shallows you would be safe, just get very comfortable with how the boat handles and then go with your experience level. Happy Paddling

Mine arrived without that right? Also, what's the maximum weight?

Scuppers are not included. I purchased mine separately. Not sure on the maximum weight other than advertised. You can check the Ocean Kayak website.

Can anyone tell me the depth/height of the kayak? It looks like the bow is taller than the rest of the kayak?

The bow is slightly higher, as is the stern. It's hard to get good measurements while I have it hanging on the wall. , but it's about 12-13" at the center, sweeps up an inch or two in the stern, and two or three inches on the bow. If you need exact measurement, I can pull it down this weekend and take some proper measurements.