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Updated on 7/10/2024
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AA-Racks J-Bar Rack with 16 Ft Ratchet

AA-Racks J-Bar Rack with 16 Ft Ratchet


The AA-Racks J-Bar Rack Roof Top Mount with 16 Ft Ratchet is a versatile and convenient solution for transporting your kayaks. These kayak roof racks are designed with a folding feature, allowing your car to fit in parking garages without having to remove the rack. The adjustable angle mount provides flexibility to fit different shapes of kayaks.

One of the standout features of these J-bar style kayak racks is the rubber pedal and foam protector. The extra thick foam padding and rubber base cover, made of real rubber, provide a secure and anti-slip grip on your kayak while also being resistant to water and sun damage.

Securing your kayak for transport is made easy with the included heavy-duty ratchet lashing straps. These 16 ft long straps are tested to withstand up to 2200 lbs, ensuring the safety of your kayak during transportation.

Not only are these roof racks compatible with most car top cross bars, but they can also be used in conjunction with AA Racks truck bed racks to create additional storage space for carrying kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, ski boards, and more.

Mounting the kayak carrier is a straightforward process. Simply attach it to your vehicle's roof rack rails or cross bars, tie down the ratchet straps, and secure the kayaks or canoes to the bow and stern with hood straps for added safety.

It's worth noting that the stainless steel version of this product is not actually constructed entirely of stainless steel. The stainless steel refers to the color, while the construction is powder coated. However, both versions are visually appealing and function well.

Regarding compatibility with round Yakima cross bars, the hardware to hold the rack should fit without any issues. The clamp brackets are designed to accommodate round bars and may have curved depressions for a secure fit.

If you have flat oval crossbars, you should still be able to use these J-bar racks. Users have reported that there is enough space on either side, allowing the racks to fit on oval bars.

One of the convenient features of these J-bar racks is their ability to fold down. This makes it easier to park your car in garages or maneuver in tight spaces without removing the racks entirely.

In conclusion, the AA-Racks J-Bar Rack Roof Top Mount with 16 Ft Ratchet offers a practical and secure solution for transporting your kayaks. They are versatile, durable, and compatible with various cross bars and rack systems. Whether you have round, flat oval, or other types of crossbars, these racks are designed to fit and provide a reliable transport option for your kayaking adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the stainless steel version really constructed of stainless steel, or is that just the color? the product description is confusing.

Mine isn’t stainless steel. I have the powder coated J bar rack. The stainless steel looks great my powder coated one works great.

Will the hard ware to hold the rack fit on round Yakima cross bars? thank you

Should the clamp brackets have a curved depression.

Will these fit flat oval crossbars ?

They fit on my round bars, but have enough space on either side, so they shouldvalso fit on oval bars. Hope this helps.

Do these fold down ?

These J-bars fold down