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These are the 8 best snowboarding gears you should own 2024

Snowboarding Gear

Snowboarding Gear

Updated on 6/20/2024
Abigail ScottBy Abigail Scott
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Athletes are preparing for the winter season as it approaches. One thing is certain; you need good gear whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner.

Keep yourself warm and safe with something that keeps you warm. I understand how overwhelming it can be to choose the right gear. It can be overwhelming if you're new to the sport because there are so many choices. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance.

Here's a brief overview of what gear you'll need to get ready for this winter's shred sessions after the product reviews. You will learn what to purchase to stay warm and safe while enjoying deep powder and sharp turns after reading it.

When it comes to gear, you need to make sure you have something you can count on. In this article, I will discuss some of the best snowboard brands and gear available today.

Best Snowboarding Gears – Top 8 Picks

In my opinion, the following snowboard brands make the best snowboard gear:

1. Burton Process Snowboard

The snowboard is lightweight and true twin-performance. Freestyle riders will find this snowboard to be best suited to a variety of terrains and conditions.

Mark McMorris chooses this snowboard for his riding!

Burton's Process snowboard has been around for years. There's no denying that this snowboard has a lot of pop and an incredibly fun feel. Intermediate-level riders will find it to be a great choice.

With The Process model, Burton continues to build top-quality snowboards. Snowboards like this one are built to last and feature some great design features.

This snowboard has amazing power and playfulness thanks to its twin shape and PurePop camber. As well as having really grippy edges, the Burton Process board is ideal for steep turns. With this snowboard, you can really carve.

The board has a symmetrical design that allows riders to ride both regular and switch comfortably. Affordable strength and durability are provided by this board.



2. Vans Aura Boa Snowboard Boot

Vans have been a trusted name in action sports for a long time. They continue to produce great products that keep pushing the boundaries, such as the Aura Boa boots.

These boots are water resistant and offer more adjustability than most double BOA boots. They also provide a softer flex to allow for easy turning while fitting comfortably, creating better control overall.

This is a great boot for any intermediate rider who loves that old-school Vans look. These boots are super stylish.

This boot comes complete with a V2 UltraCush SmartWool liner and V2 waffle pro sole with All-trac cold weather rubber for extreme weather protection. The inside core of the boot is heat moldable to allow the rider to have the perfect custom fit and feel.

All Vans snowboard boots come with the newly improved thermal retention layer that provides a 360-degree wrap of the toe box. This will keep your feet and toes warm all day for maximum comfort. Who doesn’t love toasty feet when you’re flying down a snowy mountain?


3. Men’s Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding

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There are a lot of great snowboard bindings from Burton, but the Malavita EST is one of the best. All mountain terrain is no problem for these bindings, making them a great choice for freestyle riders!

The bikes are designed for intermediate riders and above. While maintaining amazing control, they offer just enough flex to give the rider and board a smooth, fun ride.

To keep big air landings comfortable, these bindings have plenty of shock-absorbing features. A dual-density EVA foam and B3 gel cushioning system gives even more comfort.

The materials used in these are very durable and lightweight. The Malavita features a Living Hinge hi-back that allows you to adjust your forward lean without breaking out the tools. When you're on the mountain, this is super handy. EST bindings from Malavita are the best snowboard bindings on the market.


4. Arc’teryx Sabre AR Jacket

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Keeping warm and dry are your top priorities when it's cold outside. Both can be done with an Arc'teryx Sabre AR Snowboard hoodie or jacket. This jacket is equipped to handle cold conditions and wet rainy days.

Riders can move and groove the entire way down the mountain with the Sabre as it is waterproof and allows them to have a full range of motion. As well as being windproof, this shell jacket has fully taped seams that keep warm air inside and cold air outside.

A three-layer Gore-Tex fabric makes this jacket very breathable. When wearing a helmet, the Sabre's hood is large enough to cover your head.

During traverses and accents, watertight pit zips provide amazing ventilation. It is important to be well prepared for the fact that your body temperature fluctuates a lot while riding. This jacket is a great choice.

Furthermore, it has an integrated powder skirt that keeps you dry in deep snow, so you don't get cold snow where it isn't supposed to be.

To prevent your chin from rubbing against the shell and zipper all day, Arc'teryx added a small patch of fabric to the inside collar. What a great design! Arc’teryx Sabre AR Snowboard Jackets are perfect for a cold day on the slopes and will do their job with ease.


5. PXV2 With Bonus Lens

In my opinion, these are the best snowboarding goggles available. Not only do the PXV2 look cool, but they also perform well. Since they were released, I have been using them.

A long period of innovation in goggle design led to the creation of the PXV2s. Combining Panotech's groundbreaking design with swift lock lens-changing technology, they created a revolutionary product.

A free lens is included with this goggle, which is available in 14 awesome colors. Although these aren't just any old lenses, they have some pretty cool technology built into them.

With Lumalens Optimized Color Technology, they offer ultra-high-definition optics regardless of light conditions. A vivid color scheme reduces eye fatigue by improving depth perception.

Flying down a mountain requires you to be able to see what is happening. These will make it easy for you to do so. They can also withstand a lot of abuse. Their durability and scratch-resistance make them a great choice.

Water will be repelled by the lens because it is hydrophobic. During your run, you do not need to worry about cleaning them all the time since they are oleophobic.

These things won't fog up either. The coating is super anti-fog! On a rainy day, foggy goggles are the worst.

The silicon strap backing on the goggles is designed to withstand all weather conditions. These goggles are awesome, and I can't think of a better choice for any rider.


6. Thule RoundTrip Snowsport Duffel Bag

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There's something sick about this bag! The Thule Roundtrip is the perfect solution for keeping your gear dry and safe. You can store boots, helmets, and goggles in these backpacks!

Each boot is stored in an oversized side pocket, keeping your load balanced. Water can even escape properly through drain holes.

Flip down the main opening to use it as a standing mat while changing into your boots anywhere. That's pretty cool, don't you think?

In the main compartment, you can also store your helmet, goggles, and other small items. In this bag, there is plenty of space.

Snow gear will stay dry and safe in this polyester bag when not in use. It is possible to remove the shoulder strap for easy storage or transportation. When it comes to bags, this is my go-to!


7. Smith Mission MIPS Snow Helmet

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There is nothing like the Smith Mission MIPS snow helmet. As well as its amazing price, this helmet is extremely light and can be used for any backcountry adventure, no matter how advanced you are.

Featuring a dual fit system and adjustable vents, this helmet keeps your noggin cool while protecting it. Any style rider would prefer this helmet's Koyroyd construction when shredding.

This helmet fits a variety of heads very well, like other Smith products. As it's so lightweight, it barely makes a sound when you're moving. Fitting your helmet snugly against your back is made easier by a harness design.

Earpads are another good feature of this helmet. Over time, they cause sore ears because they don't fit your ears correctly but just sit over them.

I like how soft and draft-free the surface of the pads is. The microfiber material feels amazing and keeps the ears warm. A Smiths Mission MIPS helmet keeps your head safe, warm, and protected.


8. Patagonia Powslayer Bib Pant

Over the years, Patagonia has produced amazing products. In terms of outdoor apparel and goods, they remain one of the top brands. If you are looking for lightweight, durable snowboarding pants, the Powslayer bib pants are a great choice.

Furthermore, they are made from Gore-Tex fabric, which makes them very comfortable and breathable. As part of the Gore-Tex PRO package, you'll receive the first 100% recycled nylon face fabric that delivers the highest level of waterproof, breathable, and windproof protection.

With these pants, you won't have to worry about getting cold. Even deep snow won't be a problem for you with these items. Powslayer is a name that says it all! Powder slayer is the literal meaning of the term.

Therefore, snowboarders need not fear. Snow slaying, snug fit and long lasting pants! The fit is regular rather than slim or oversized.

Throughout the pants, GORE microgrid backers are used as the lining material. By using an innovative, patent-pending low-density backing fabric, this technology enhances garment comfort and performance.

In addition to improving internal abrasion, this technology is also snag-resistant. For times when extra layers need to be slipped over, this is perfect.

Two cargo zipper pockets are located on the thighs and one zipper pocket is located on the right hip. All zippers are watertight, ensuring whatever is inside stays dry. Adding Powslayer pants to your snowboarding gear arsenal will add comfort and style.



When buying snowboard gear, consider the following factors

When buying snowboard gear, you need to consider a few factors. Getting started with your snowboard is the best place to start.


It is important to keep your weight and height in mind when purchasing a snowboard. Your body type should determine the size you need.

You don't have to buy the most expensive board if you're new to the sport. Choose one that fits your budget and your body, and have fun!

Snowboard Boots and Bindings

The next step is to discuss your boots and bindings. You should take good care of your boots. In wet, cold weather, you need to keep your feet dry and protected.

You should be able to carve through sharp turns with ease when wearing boots with some flex. Boots for snowboarding should also be compatible with bindings and snowboards.

Snowboard Pants

The next topic we'll discuss is your pants. Your snowboarding pants should be of high quality. It's all about finding a pair that fits really well, right?

In addition, you need to make sure they are warm, waterproof, and breathable. Water vapor can pass through a square meter of material in 24 hours based on its breathability measured in grams.

There is a range of 5000-20000g that is most commonly measured. It will be better if it has a higher breathability rating.

Snowboard Jacket

Now let's talk about jackets. The snowboarding jacket is an essential part of your winter gear arsenal. It is also important that the jacket is breathable.

The best fabric to choose is Gore-tex pro. In terms of breathable fabric, it is on the higher end. Next, decide whether a hood is necessary. A helmet-compatible hood will be included on most jackets.


Don't forget to get a snowboarding helmet to protect your head! It is your number one priority to stay warm and safe on the slopes. When you're shredding down a black diamond, you need a good helmet to keep your head safe.

You can find out more about snowboarding helmets with audio by clicking here.


A pair of snowboarding goggles will keep you safe while you fly down some steep mountain, turn and carve, while the crowd cheers you on...or not. Snow, sleet, and rain are all possible on the mountain.

It is possible for the weather to change in a heartbeat depending on your elevation. The cool-colored protective lenses help keep the sun out of your eyes on bright sunny days.


Last but not least, you'll need something to keep all this gear in when you're not snowboarding! Bags can be found in a variety of styles and sizes. In addition to keeping your helmet in, they also protect your goggles when you're not shredding.


Make sure you grab a good pair of waterproof gloves that are warm and, of course, waterproof. There is even a fancy kind that allows you to type on your phone without having to remove them! Who wants their hands to be cold? I'm not interested!